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Timber Sourcing Policy

Timber Product Sourcing Policy

We commit to ensuring that by 2024 at least 80% of timber and timber byproducts sourced and sold by Hello Charlie are either: 

  • FSC Certified
  • PEFC Certified (Responsible Wood in Australia)
  • Recycled wood

Our preference is for:

  • Recycled (highest content possible)
  • Reclaimed wood (for example Plan Toys PlanWood) 
  • Certified sustainable 
  • Locally sourced (where possible)

We require our suppliers to confirm that all timber and wood products: 

  • Come from a known source
  • Are from legally sourced wood
  • Are not sourced from species listed as threatened
  • Are not sourced from countries in conflict (as defined by the Australian government)
  • Are not sourced from protected forests or areas (high conservation areas) as has been identified by government

How will we implement this?

We will audit each of the brands that we sell on the website, to ensure that all of our suppliers are complying with this policy. 

We will also undertake a review of office supplies to ensure compliance as well. 


When will this be implemented? 

First round of brand audits to be completed by 30 June 2022. 

Annual audits for current suppliers every two years.

Audits as part of our decision making process for stocking new brands and products. 

By 2024, ensure that we reach our targets of at least 80% is sustainably certified or recycled.  


What does the 80% mean? 

We are targeting 80% of our brands, as well as 80% of volume of sales, as we believe that this will have the greatest impact. 


For any questions or comments about this policy, please email us at