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Abode Natural Cleaning

Abode natural cleaning products are one of our bestselling cleaning ranges. They’re made in Australia (right here in Melbourne!), they’re safe and non toxic, they work brilliantly, and they’re very affordable. The Abode range of healthy home cleaning products was created by Nicole Bijlsma, a building biologist, healthy home expert, naturopath and mum. She was frustrated with the lack of natural cleaning products that were good for both people and the environment, so she created her own.

We love the Abode natural cleaners, because they’ve just about got the whole of the house covered when it comes to cleaning. The natural laundry detergents come in both liquid and powder, and there’s a fragrance free range for sensitive skin, too. But the bestselling product has to be the baby laundry detergent – it just flies off our shelves! You’ll also find natural stain removers and laundry softeners, too.

In the kitchen, you’ll find natural dishwasher cleaner that works a treat, and natural dishwash liquid that’s scented with essential oils so they smell great, but without the synthetic fragrances. For the bathroom, there’s a natural toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaners and a natural mould cleaner.

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