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Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature eco nappies are the number one eco disposable nappy in Australia. They've been chosen as the best eco nappies by Choice Magazine, Ethical Consumer Guide, and Baby Gear Lab. They've been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco Label to guarantee a lower eco footprint with every nappy you use.

Bambo Nature nappies are better for your baby, with no perfumes, lotions, latex or chlorine. They're guaranteed to contain no harmful ingredients and have been approved by the Danish Asthma & Allergy council.

Eco nappies used to have a reputation for leaking and falling apart, but Bambo Nature nappies are just as good, if not more, absorbent than leading brand nappies. They're perfect for wearing overnight, and the thin and snuggly fit means that you don't have to worry about leaks.

We can help you choose the right size Bambo Nature eco nappy for your baby or toddler, with the range from premature nappies right through to XL junior and training pants. We've even got sample packs of Bambo Nature eco nappies to help you choose right fit without committing to a whole pack.

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