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Ever Eco

Ever Eco started after its founders realised the big problem that single use plastics pose and decided they wanted to deal with the issue. They looked for sustainable alternatives for what people used regularly and soon came up with an idea: stainless steel drinking straws. Their flagship product was launched in 2013 and was the first of its kind in Australia.

Australians loved the eco drinking straws. Since then, the brand has expanded their product line to include more environmentally friendly and plastic free kitchen essentials, as well as reusables to get you out and about. The range covers everything from bamboo and silicone straws, metal bento boxes, insulated tumblers, kitchen sponge cloths, to reusable shopping bags, and more.

This family owned Australian brand will inspire you to begin your plastic free lifestyle, so you can ditch single use plastics forever. By using their eco friendly items, you can help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill and oceans.

What Makes Ever Eco Sustainable and Eco Friendly?

Ethically Made Eco Kitchen Products

The company works with manufacturers who respect government regulated laws that impose fair labour and wages, health and safety, and decent working hours. Their suppliers are also subject to audits to check their compliance with the 11 BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) principles. The BSCI is an initiative that helps businesses ensure their products are made in safe, fair, and humane conditions.

It's a top priority for Ever Eco that their manufacturing partners strive for ways to reduce the impact their production has on the planet, no matter how small (even if it's just a reusable straw).

Sustainable Ingredients and Materials

When it comes to eco friendly materials, this brand never disappoints. The company uses various sustainable materials for its products, including premium food grade stainless steel for their metal straws and stainless steel lunchboxes. They use FDA approved food grade silicone for other eco straws, as well as bamboo. There's also sisal plant cellulose, cotton and konjac root in other products.

This eco brand uses recycled plastic bottles (rPET) for its fruit and veg mesh bags for produce. Their container lids are made with non toxic and non leaching acrylonitrile styrene (AS). They're also free from BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Shop the Best Ever Eco Lifestyle Essentials

Bamboo cutlery is so handy for when you're out and about. They come in convenient pouches, so you can throw them straight into your handbag or backpack. Their stainless steel bento box is a must try, too, if you want to go completely zero waste at lunchtime. And let's not forget to sip sustainably with their stainless steel drinking straws, the brand's OG product! They're the best alternative to disposable plastic straws.

Are you going to the market? Go with the reusable produce and shopping tote bags, and you are really helping the planet!

A Plastic Free Alternative - Ever Eco Bento Box

This stainless steel bento box is the perfect lunch box for kids and adults. The Ever Eco lunch box comes in variations of one, two, or three compartments, which makes healthy snacking and meal prep easy and convenient. Plus, you can separate your favourite food combinations without creating any rubbish. It's the ideal size for portioned, zero waste meals on the go.

It's made of ultra durable metal, so you can use it again without worrying about it breaking. It's also plastic free, so you don't have to stress about harmful chemicals leaching into your food.

Ever Eco Stainless Steel Containers

The Ever Eco stainless steel nesting containers are great for storing snacks or meals in a waste free way. Made from premium food grade stainless steel, these containers are toxin and leach proof, so your food stays safe and delicious. This set of three comes with food safe polypropylene lids. These lids let you secure your meals and keep them fresh without worrying about leaks. The space efficient design allows you to store them nested inside one another, so they take up minimal space in your lunchbox.

These containers come in three varied sizes (150ml, 280ml, and 500ml) and two colour collections: spring pastels and autumn. They also have a set of three 60ml mini containers perfect for dips, yoghurt, salad dressings, and more!

Ever Eco Insulated Tumbler

The Ever Eco tumbler is the best alternative to single use plastic cups. The double walled, vacuum insulated design keeps drinks cold for up to eight hours and hot for up to four hours. It's also made of premium stainless steel and has a sliding lid for easy sipping. The powder coating is environmentally friendly and will not leach flavours into your drink. The tumbler also fits most cup holders, so it's easy to take with you on the go.

These insulated tumblers come in two sizes and varied colours. The 887ml tumbler comes in sage, rose, and onyx. The 592ml cup comes in onyx, sage, rose, cloud, and brushed steel.

Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery

This bamboo cutlery is a great way to have a set of utensils on hand. It contains a knife, fork, and spoon made from bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They're finished with food grade vegetable oil, so they're safe to use with your favourite foods. It's an excellent choice for the eco conscious who are looking for an easy way to reduce their dependence on disposable plastics.

This bamboo cutlery set comes with a handy pouch, which makes the perfect storage for when you're on the go.

Ever Eco Bamboo, Silicone and Stainless Steel Straws

Using a straw is the way to go when sipping smoothies, juices, and thicker drinks. But instead of reaching for disposable plastic straws, use the better alternative: Ever Eco straws. Not only do they eliminate the need for disposable straws, but they also come in two stylish varieties – straight and bent – making them perfect for any drink.

Ever Eco has a selection of drinking straws, including their flagship product, the food grade stainless steel straws. They also have silicone and bamboo straws.

Their straight metal, bamboo, and silicone straws are particularly great for kids because they can be easily inserted into a juice box or cup. Their bent, reusable metal straws are ideal for adults because they allow you to drink from wider containers. Plus, the bent shape makes them easier to hold when sipping thick drinks.

Their bamboo straws are biodegradable at the end of their lifespan, while the silicone drinking straws are BPA free and made without harmful chemicals. Silicone is soft, so it's perfect for children to use. You can feel good about helping the environment while enjoying your favourite drinks.

Reusable Silicone Baking Mats

It can be hard to reduce the amount of kitchen waste produced in a household, especially when baking. But with the help of a silicone pastry mat, this becomes a little bit easier.

Ever Eco's FDA approved food grade silicone mat is freezer, microwave, and oven safe, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen. They also work as a non stick preparation surface, so you won't need to use disposable baking paper or oil when cooking your favourite recipes. The best thing about these mats is you can use them again and again. You can save money and help the environment at the same time.

The pack of two mats is a great value. You can always have one available whenever you need it.

Ever Eco Bamboo Dish Brush

Dishwashing can be a tedious task. But it doesn't have to be with this useful dish brush. The long bamboo handle keeps your hands dry when washing dishes, and the flat edge is great for scraping off food. The bristles are made with non scratch sisal, so it's tough on stubborn food but gentle on your dishes. Plus, the metal hardware can be recycled, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious customer.

Ever Eco Kitchen Sponge Cloths

These eco sponge cloths are great for washing dishes, cleaning up spills, or drying your hands. Made entirely of natural materials, they're 100% compostable and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using them. They're also absorbent and quick drying, so you can use them damp or dry and reuse them multiple times. They're an ideal choice for everyday cleaning tasks and a better alternative to synthetic cloth.

They come in a pack of two, so you always have a spare on hand. This biodegradable kitchen sponge comes in stylish colours and patterns to suit any home. Choose from vintage citrus, scandi leaves, palm springs, or chasing rainbows!

Reusable Shopping Bags For Produce

Eco friendly and economical, these Ever Eco produce bags are reusable and ideal for shopping at the grocery store or farmer's market.

Their lightweight mesh fabric allows your fruit and vegetables to breathe. Each bag can fit up to 16 oranges and are extra large, so they're perfect for carrying multiple items or bulk goods. The see through mesh fabric makes it easy to find what you need in the bag and helps keep your fruit and veggies fresh longer.

Their durable organic cotton net and organic cotton muslin bags also provide plenty of space for all your goods. They're lightweight and durable, so they're perfect for carrying everything from groceries to fresh goods. Plus, the sturdy drawstring closure ensures that your items are always secure.

These reusable fruit and veg bags are made from premium unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton. They're also available in short and long handle net tote shopping bags.

Ever Eco Konjac Facial Sponge

This Konjac facial sponge is a 100% compostable sponge made from natural Konjac root that's great for unclogging pores. It's ideal for sensitive skin as it gently cleanses the skin, leaving it refreshed and radiant. The contoured shape makes it easy to use, so you get the perfect level of exfoliation every time.

Ever Eco’s charcoal sponge deeply cleans and purifies. Their turmeric brightens and refines, while their natural sponge gently cleanses and restores.

It's simple to use. Just soak in water until it expands, squeeze out excess water, and add your favourite facial cleanser. It's also value for your money, as one sponge can last 6-8 weeks.

Shop Ever Eco at Hello Charlie

The Hello Charlie online store is one of the official Ever Eco stockists, with Australia wide delivery and same day despatch when you order before 10 am.

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