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Launched in 2015, Sealpod make reusable coffee capsules that fit a range of pod coffee machines including Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines. Their reusable coffee pods aim to reduce landfill waste, offer a more eco friendly alternative to disposables and save you money!

Everything in these reusable pods and lids is certified as food grade, including the adhesive on the sticker lids. The reusable Nespresso pods are made from stainless steel and they’re designed to last a lifetime.

Using Sealpod’s refillable Nespresso pods saves you money and gives you the freedom to use your favourite ground coffee with your Nespresso machine. Simply fill the reusable pods with finely ground coffee, tamp down, attach the lid, and use like you would a disposable capsule. They’re easy to clean under running water so you can be enjoying a smooth, aromatic cup of coffee in minutes.

If you’re looking for Nespresso compatible pods to reduce your plastic use, we have the Sealpod starter kit and sticker lids that gives you everything you need to get started.

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