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Muumi Eco Nappies

Muumi Nappies: How to Choose the Right Nappy Sizes to Buy for Your Baby

Muumi Eco Nappies Size Guide

We know it can be confusing when you're trying to work out the right size nappy for your baby. What's the difference between Size 2 and Size 3? Newborn or mini? To give you a bit of a helping hand, we've put together a handy size guide for Muumi nappies. 

To help you find the perfect nappy size, we also offer Muumi nappy sample packs so you can try them out before you buy a full pack or carton. Each sample pack contains two nappies.

Muumi Nappies

Here's our handy guide to all the Muumi nappy sizes:

Muumi Nappy Size Guide: 

Newborn (Size 1): 2 to 5 kgs

Mini (Size 2): 3 to 6 kgs

Midi (Size 3): 5 to 8 kgs

Maxi (Size 4): 7 to 14 kgs

Maxi Plus (Size 5): 10 to 16 kgs

Junior (Size 6): 12 to 24 kgs

Muumi Training Pants size guide:

Maxi (Size 4): 7 to 11 kgs

Maxi Plus (Size 5): 10 to 15 kgs

Junior (Size 6): 12 to 20 kgs

XL (Size 7): 16 to 26 kgs

Why do nappy sizes overlap?

Every baby is different - some have fat legs, some have chunky bums, some have round tummies and some have skinny legs. It makes it pretty tricky to find the perfect nappy. Babies also eat and drink different amounts, so even babies of the same weight may need a slightly bigger, and more absorbent, nappy.

You may find that although your baby is still within the recommended weight range for the size, the next size up is more absorbent and has a better fit, especially at night.

Generally, when your baby is at the top of the weight range, it's best move up to the next size so that you get the extra absorbency.

How do you know when to change nappy sizes?

If the nappy is leaking, we find that it's usually because your baby is in the wrong size nappy.

Have a look at how the nappy is fitting on your baby. If you can see red marks around your baby's tummy or legs, or if the nappy feels a little too snug, it might be time to move up a size. If you're getting blowouts or persistent leaks, that can be another sign that it's time to move up.

Sometimes the problem can be that the nappy is too big. If there are gaps around the legs and tummy, or the nappy is sitting too high at the front or back, you may need to try a smaller size.

We make it easy for you to try different sizes with our eco nappy sample packs. You can try a couple of nappies to check the fit before you commit to buying a full pack or carton.

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