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Inspired To Lead By Example

A passionate group of friends shared a goal to create significant change across their community. But they realised that to inspire others and to lead by example, they had to see a positive change in their own homes first. So they set out to follow through with this goal, guided by the inspiration of their children.

Vitool Viraponsavan was part of this group, and he fulfilled this mission by creating a sustainable toy brand called PlanToys.

“Better Kids, Better World”

PlanToys are designed to be educational while helping kids learn and enhance various developmental skills through play. By creating toys around the idea that sustainable, nature centric play also benefits children, they can continuously teach them to appreciate the significance of eco conscious living; and allow it to shape their relationships with people and the planet.

The World's First Company To Make Toys From Rubberwood

When it comes to eco toy brands, PlanToys is quite exceptional. It's a great brand for children and families looking for non toxic and durable toys, as they’re made from reclaimed rubber wood. They're made even more durable through a drying process that draws out the moisture from wood pieces. These kids wooden toys also use non toxic glues, water based dyes, and plant based inks.

Aside from being safe for your little ones, these wooden toys are eco friendly in every way possible - from their manufacturing process to how they’re packaged, and how the brand gives back through efforts like reforestation projects. We at Hello Charlie researched this brand and highly recommend it.

An award winning toy company

Plan Toys has been making beautiful, sustainable wooden baby toys since 1981. Since then, they've gained global recognition for their dedication to sustainability and innovation - earning them more than 70 awards from 11 countries worldwide.

The Oppenheim Gold Seal USA is just one of many accolades that PlanToys has received. It's a testament to their commitment to providing safe and educational toys that aren't only well made but also have a positive impact on improving children's development.

Being awarded the Thai Green Label logo also recognises PlanToys' commitment to environmental responsibility. It's a good reminder for us that we can make choices that have less impact on the planet when we purchase products like those from PlanToys.

What Makes PlanToys Products Eco Friendly and Sustainable?

Plan Toys was founded on the belief that sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but also children and society as a whole. This is at the heart of everything they do and is reflected in their three pillars of sustainability: sustainable material, sustainable manufacturing, and sustainable mind.

Sustainable Material

Plan Toys only uses sustainable and natural resources. Their use of reclaimed rubberwood, PlanWood, E-zero glue, plant based inks, and other renewable materials is a testament to this commitment. By doing so, they only produce minimal to zero waste throughout the production process. Not only does this help reduce the company's environmental footprint, but it also helps ensure that PlanToys products are safe for kids to play with.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Plan Toys takes a holistic approach to being eco friendly, meaning they consider the entire process of making their toys from start to finish. This includes how they source the materials, how the products are made, and how they're packaged and shipped.

Their eco wooden toys are certified safe to use, as they meet international safety standards, including EN71 (Europe) and ASTM (United States). They also have various ISO and other manufacturing certifications like:

  • ISO 45001 (healthy working environment)
  • SA 8000 (employee quality of life)
  • ISO 9001 (world class quality of products and services)
  • ISO 14001 (excellent environmental management)

They've also developed a way to use biomass energy from leftover wood pieces and chips as fuel to produce the heat energy needed for their production process. Not only does this help to reduce waste and offset the use of fossil fuels, but it also provides a renewable source of energy for the factory.

Sustainable Mind

PlanToys believes in giving back to the community and nature and creating a better world for future generations. They have an annual reforestation program where they plant trees in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. They also help local kids by motivating them to get involved in hands on activities outside the classroom. Their foundation helps build awareness around sustainable and eco living by giving children and families resources that promote environmental responsibility. PlanToys creates toys specifically designed for kids with cerebral palsy, autism, and visual impairment. They also encourage families to pass down PlanToys items that their child has outgrown through the PlayCycle program. This educates them on the benefits of sustainable play and how toys last for a lifetime when given proper care.

Sustainable Packaging

PlanToys' sustainable packaging practices are beneficial for the people and the planet. They cut down on waste, help conserve resources, lessen environmental impact, and promote recycling. By using recycled and reusable paper in their packaging, PlanToys is helping to create a more sustainable future for generations.

PlanToys Sustainable Materials

Toys Made From Reclaimed Wood

PlanToys items are made from reclaimed rubberwood, from rubber trees that are no longer producing latex. And there's no fertiliser added to the trees for three years before harvest to ensure that the wood is completely non toxic. The wood is also made more durable by removing the moisture from the rubberwood pieces using a chemical free kiln drying process.

Plan Wood Toys

PlanToys makes toys from PlanWood using a thermal process to bind together surplus rubberwood sawdust and wood chips. Using this material, PlanToys can create more eco friendly toy designs while helping reduce greenhouse gases.

Other Non Toxic Materials

Not only does PlanToys use sustainable wood, but they also use E-Zero glue. This bonding agent is free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, so it’s safe for children to use.

PlanToys uses organic pigments that are water based and non toxic. They use biodegradable soy ink for printing their materials, so they're eco friendly.

Their wooden toys are free from lead and other heavy metals, so these are eco toys in every meaning of the word!

Shop The Most Popular PlanToys Wooden Toys

Plan Toys makes the most beautiful educational wooden toys for toddlers and babies. Their wooden toys range has so many great options, too. If you’re looking for toddler toys, we love the PlanToys Tea Set. It’s a great role play toy, and so is the very popular PlanToys Doctor Set.

For musical toys, check out the bestselling PlanToys Solid Drum and the PlanToys Xylophone.

The PlanToys brand has beautiful baby toys that help develop fine motor skills and more. There’s the PlanToys Beehives and Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Faces, a lovely wooden set that’s great for sensory play. Don’t forget the range of push and pull toys, too, like the PlanToys Baby Car and PlanToys Rainbow Alligator.

Role Play Toys

Plan Toys Tea Set

Made from PlanWood and rubberwood, this beautiful tea set has a natural wood finish that gives it a classy look.

The PlanToys Tea Set is perfect for imaginative play. It helps children develop social skills, which is great for teaching kids how to share and take turns. They can also practise fine motor skills as their little hands hold the pieces to pour, stir, serve, and drink the tea.

They'll have loads of fun hosting pretend tea parties as the wooden tea set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, two tea cups, two saucers, two teaspoons, and two tea bags. The pieces are all sized perfectly for small hands, so they're easy for kids to handle.

Plan Toys Doctor Set

Introducing the Plan Toys Doctor Set! This creative toy set inspires imaginative role play while helping children learn about sympathy and empathy in a fun way. Kids can pretend to be a doctor and treat friends, family, and teddies with lots of care as if they were patients.

Your toddler can act out different medical scenarios with the help of the toy accessories included. The set has a red doctor's carry bag with a wooden blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, and other medical tools that make it easy for kids to get into the doctor role.

Musical Toys

Plan Toys Solid Drum

Plan Toys Solid Drum makes various sounds and activities for children ages 19 months and up. With each hit, the drum produces a different sound, which helps develop your toddler's auditory skills. Their fine motor skill and hand eye co-ordination also strengthen as they learn to hold the drumstick and strike the drum with it. This toy can also help children develop their musical appreciation as they hear and play along with the tunes created by the drum.

This durable musical toy includes a drumstick with a soft, pliable rubber head that helps produce a realistic feel when hitting the toy drum. This makes the sound softer and pleasant, which makes it less noisy for parents but still satisfying for toddlers.

Plan Toys Xylophone

Kids learn best when they have fun and are interested in what they're doing. And one way to help them develop focus and concentration is by having them play with PlanToys Xylophone.

One of the benefits of playing with a PlanToys Xylophone is that it helps improve hearing and listening skills. When your toddler plays with the xylophone toy for an extended period, they'll be able to discern different sounds and melodies. This type of concentration is important in learning how to read music and play more complex instruments in the future. It'll also help develop their fine motor skills, teaching them to hold and strike the toy properly while exercising their muscles.

It's easy to get them interested in the cause and effect of playing the xylophone, too. All you need to do is show how hitting the coloured bars create sound. They'll also be able to match the sound to the colours while developing their musical abilities.

Hand Eye Co-ordination & Pull/Push Along Toys

PlanToys Baby Car

Every child is different, and the way they develop visually is unique, too. That's why the PlanToys Baby Car is so colourful and fun. It stimulates children's visual development in a fun and playful way while also helping to improve their hand eye co-ordination.

This colourful wooden car toy can help your little one to develop hand eye co-ordination by providing lots of opportunities to push, pull, and rotate the car. It has a flexible body made up of five wooden disks that react to your toddler's touch. As it moves back and forth, your baby can learn to control it. This will help strengthen their fine motor skills in the process.

This push and pull toy has sturdy wheels that make it easy for toddlers to manoeuvre. And the chunky design is the ideal size for small hands to hold.

Plan Toys Rainbow Alligator

With its clickety clack sound and lively dancing movement, Plan Toys Rainbow Alligator is an entertaining toy that provides plenty of active playtime. Kids will love trying to get it to move faster and farther. And they will have heaps of fun practising their hand eye co-ordination as they keep track of its movement.

This wooden push along toy also helps develop fine and gross motor skills as young children learn to control it by pulling the string or pushing the toy. And with its colourful design, this fun baby car will keep your little one entertained while you take a stroll in the park.

The alligator is made of sustainable PlanWood material, which means it's environmentally friendly and helps preserve natural resources.

Toys For Fine Motor Skills

Plan Toys Beehives

Toddlers love nothing more than grabbing hold of objects with their small hands. This is why PlanToys Beehives are so popular. They are an exciting way for your baby to match colours, practise matching patterns, and count objects.

The beehive comes with mini tongs complete with six different coloured bees matched with a corresponding hive. The tongs help your little one to use their pincer grip to hold the bee tightly and manoeuvre it into the correct hole, which helps them develop their fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills. And by counting along as they match each bee, they'll learn how to count, too!

Stack and sort these pieces while your baby learns about bees and their habitats, too. It's an entertaining way for your toddler to exercise their brain and fingers.

Wooden Sensory Toys

Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Faces

Children love playing with toys that can stimulate their senses, and these three wooden sensory tumbling faces are a great way to do just that. Each features different auditory, visual, and textural experiences that'll keep your little one engaged for hours.

Kids can tumble these around as they explore the sights, textures, and sounds each one creates. They can also shake, toss, and rotate these toys to practise their movements and develop dexterity.

The first tumbler has a tiny built in mirror that your little one can watch reflections of shiny objects and moving things as they play. The second tumbler has soft furry material inside that's perfect for tactile stimulation. The third tumbler has rattly beads that make a fun noise when you shake them, keeping your baby entertained for hours.

The Sensory Tumbling Faces come in three different colours, each with its own painted face. They're easy to hold and explore, so they're perfect for little ones who want to engage in active play. They're also small and lightweight, which makes them great for small hands.

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