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Hello Charlie Safer Nappy Rash Cream Cheat Sheet

Safer Nappy Rash Cream Cheat Sheet

Some babies don’t need nappy rash creams at all. Some need them at every nappy change. And some babies only need them when they’ve got a bit of a red bottom.

As nappy creams are used around baby's most delicate area, it’s really important that you use one that’s safe for baby’s skin.

But how do you know which ones are safe? Are you unknowingly using a cream that has endocrine disrupting chemicals in it? Or perhaps one that releases formaldehyde?

It's so confusing. And it's so hard to work through the greenwash.

We get it!

That's why we research all the ingredients, question the manufacturers, and find out which nappy creams are safest for your baby. Finally, we put them all into an ebook that you can come back to at any time. There's a whopping 44 nappy creams on this list. So if you have a baby, you can't afford to miss this!


Here's what we cover in this cheat sheet:

  1. When you need a nappy cream
  2. When you shouldn't choose a natural nappy cream
  3. Ingredients to avoid in nappy creams
  4. Learn how to spot nasty ingredients, fast!
  5. 44 Australian nappy creams, researched and rated

Get your free ebook now!

Once you've got the ebook, you'll know what to look out for when you buy a natural nappy cream.

You'll also know exactly which creams are good, and which ones are not-so-good.

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