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Abode Dishwashing Powder Auto

Abode Natural Cleaning

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Abode Natural Dishwashing Powder

  • State of the art dishwashing powder
  • Leaves your cutlery and glassware sparkling clean
  • Natural descaler prevents glass from hazing

Abode natural dishwash powder is formulated to clean your dishes without using harsh chemicals. It is tough on grease yet gentle on hands and it smells awesome! 

Hardworking, all natural plant and mineral based ingredients will get your dishes and glassware sparkling clean without hazing.

It's very economical. In fact, using too much will probably leave a powder residue, so reduce the amount you're using if that is happening.

  • suitable for domestic and commercial dishwashers
  • unique formula acts as a descaler
  • prevents glassware from hazing

For best results, use a heavy duty wash. 

If you're in a hard water area, you may not get such an efficient wash. Most of Australia has soft or medium water, but if you're not sure, give your water supplier a call.  

Made in Australia. 

Ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium disilicate, sodium metasilicate, baking soda, sodium percarbonate, alcohol ethoxylate, enzymes, sodium gluconate. 

Size: 1kg



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