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oureco natural cleaning products

Brand Spotlight: OurEco Clean Natural Cleaning Products

OurEco Clean is a range of natural cleaning products that get brilliant results and smell great, but won't harm you or the environment.

Going back to basics, this range of eco cleaning products uses traditional ingredients that are proven to be effective! Bicarb soda, citric acid, soap flakes and essential oils are some of the simple, but effective ingredients that will get your home sparkling clean, without the toxins.

All the ingredients in the range are biodegradable and septic safe, all the bottles are recyclable, and everything is Australian made. All products are also suitable for vegans.

Many of OurEco’s range of organic cleaners use lemon myrtle essential oil, which is a naturally powerful antibacterial and antifungal. It’s also got a wonderful fresh lemony scent that will make your home smell fresh and bright.

OurEco Clean Natural Cleaning Products

You can clean your whole house with this range. You’re covered for natural bathroom cleaners, with the bicarb cleaning paste or the cleaning gel for sinks, tiles and shower screens. And we love the natural toilet cleaner. It’s got essential oils of eucalyptus and tea tree that are naturally antibacterial, but safe to use around your home. You can even give it a spritz with the natural disinfectant spray.

There’s a natural mould cleaner that you spray on and leave, while the essential oils of clove and sweet orange get to work killing mould spores. Leave it on overnight, then lightly scrub with the bicarb paste to clean away with the dead mould. So easy, and it smells gorgeous – no need to leave the windows open with this.

In the rest of the house, the natural floor cleaner can be used on timber, tile, cork and laminate. The natural wood polish isn’t made with beeswax, so it’s vegan, and will give your wood furniture a beautiful shine.

It’s not just natural cleaners, either – there are two gorgeous natural air fresheners made with essential oils rather than synthetics. The zesty rose has rose geranium and lemon myrtle oils, for a bright, fresh scent. Rose serenity uses rose geranium and patchouli oils for a warm, uplifting scent. Perfect if you’ve got pets, cooking smells or stinky shoes adding to the aroma of your home!

We’ve got the full range of OurEco Clean natural cleaning products, so check them all out here

Image credit: OurEco Clean

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