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OurEco Clean is an Australian owned and made range of natural cleaning products. Using traditional natural ingredients, these eco cleaning products will get your home sparkly clean without synthetic fragrances or harsh ingredients. OurEco uses ingredients like bicarb soda, citric acid and lactic acid, soap flakes and natural essential oils to get amazing results and they're naturally antibacterial, too.

This range of natural cleaners is biodegradable and septic safe, and the bottles are recyclable. All the products are vegan friendly, too, even the natural wood polish.

There are natural bathroom cleaners, like the bicarb paste and the natural toilet cleaner, as well as kitchen cleaners like the natural cleaning spray and the cleaning gel. You'll even find a natural disinfectant spray, and natural mould cleaner and my favourite - natural air fresheners with no synthetic fragrances, just beautiful essential oils.

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