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Happy Planet Toys - The Best Recycled Toys

Launched in 2019, Happy Planet Toys is the result of an Australian mum’s dream to cut down on plastic and help the environment. Overwhelmed by the amount of plastic in their lives, she created the first ever Australian made and owned eco toys company producing 100% recycled plastic toys that are fully recyclable.

If you want the best recycled toys for your little ones and for the planet, this range of eco toys for kids could be the answer to your problem. All of their sustainable kids toys use materials that could otherwise end up in landfill, save energy, and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Every single one of these eco friendly toys is 100% Australian made and FDA certified as food grade, meaning they are BPA and phthalate free. As you’d expect, all their toys meet the Australian safety standards for pre-school children.

Happy Planet Toys make all their products from recycled plastic milk bottles or yoghurt containers and each toy is made from over 8 plastic bottles. Toys made from recycled materials are so much better for the planet and keep plastic out of our oceans and off our reef. These eco toys for kids even come in fully recyclable packaging, plus they’re easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Recycled toys don’t have to be boring though, and these prove just that with their fun designs and bright colours. Your little one will be happy splashing around in the bathtub, at the pool, and even at the beach with these fun and colourful sustainable toys.

Happy Planet Toys Recycled Reef Express Submarine Bath Toys

The brand’s flagship products are their eco friendly bath toys, sure to bring endless fun and entertainment at bathtime. These really are some of the most fun and engaging sustainable baby bath toys.

Reef Express Submarine Bath Toy Set

This kids bath toys set includes a chunky speedboat that’s perfectly sized for little hands and can be used for scooping and pouring or just whizzing through the water. There are no external coating or paints so there’s no chance of peeling or flaking. This set also includes the full Reef Rescue Crew. It all pulls apart, so it’s four toys in one!

Reef Rescue Crew

Dave the Dolphin, Tilda the Turtle and Barbara the Butterfly Fish are Australian marine animals on a mission to save mother nature and their reef home. They each click into their very own seats in the Reef Express boat or are perfect as a standalone set.

Octo-Buoy Stacking Bath Toys

Another toy happily saving milk bottles from Australian landfill! Little ones will love these bath time stacking toys. The pieces all fit into each other, and they pour water in different way. Lots of water play fun!

Take a closer look at the Happy Planet Toys environmentally friendly toys range at Hello Charlie.

Image credit: Happy Planet Toys

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