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noopii eco nappies eco pull ups

Noopii Eco Nappies & Pull Ups - New Eco Luxe Brand from New Zealand

Noopii Nappies - The Best Eco Nappies

A New Zealand brand, Noopii was originally launched in 2014 and introduced the first range of 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products in New Zealand. Now the business has pivoted to its flagship product, the “Eco Luxe” nappy range. These aren’t just any eco nappies, these are luxury eco nappies!

Noopii want to make a positive contribution to healthcare and the environment, by making simple everyday products that are better for our planet, high quality and affordable. They use as many plant-based materials as possible to ensure less plastic goes into landfill.

Noopii baby nappies are inspired by nature and made with highly renewable and sustainable materials. They are super soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and free from chemicals, latex, perfumes and lotions, so you know you really will be getting the best toddler, infant or newborn nappies and nappy pants.

There is a lot of greenwash around “organic nappies” and “biodegradable nappies” (FYI no disposable nappies are fully biodegradable) but Noopii nappies really do contain biodegradable and organic plant-based materials wherever possible.

The outer layer is a breathable cotton blend, the top sheet is a non woven plant-based fabric and both are made from 50% renewable and sustainable materials. These cotton nappies contain responsible forestry wood pulp and are infused with New Zealand manuka hydrosol, which is naturally anti bacterial to help inhibit bacteria growth and help prevent nappy rash.

Even their packaging is made from a renewable cotton paper and all packaging is made from over 70% sustainable materials.

These eco friendly nappies are dermatologically tested with a Dermatest certification. All the ink used to print on the nappies and packaging is certified non toxic and food safe and they never test on animals.

Noopii eco nappies sustainable

Noopii Nappies

These nappies are super soft and contain no nasties so they’ll be gentle against your babies delicate skin. Being eco friendly doesn’t mean low quality and these high performing nappies provide up to 12 hours of leak protection. Each different size is printed with a beautiful native New Zealand animal; the yellow eyed penguin, Marlborough spotted skink, South Island Tomtit, or Archey’s frog.

Noopii Nappy Pants

If you prefer nappy pants for you little one, Noopii provides the same great quality as they do in their nappy range. Nappy pants come in walker or junior size and, just like the nappies, they’re free from nasties and super soft. The walker size are printed with the rare Forest Ringlet Butterfly and the junior size with the worlds rarest dolphin, the native Maui Dolphin.

You can take a closer look at the Noopii baby nappies online at Hello Charlie and even bulk buy nappies to save yourself some money.

Images: Noopii Nappies NZ

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