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Eco Toys: A Cheat Sheet on Non Toxic Toy Brands

Eco Toys: A Cheat Sheet on Non Toxic Toy Brands

A toy company can claim to be eco friendly… but as always, wading through the marketing speak to find out who really is eco friendly isn't always easy.

So, we've compiled a list of our favourite eco toy brands to help you choose. It'll help you wade through the greenwash and find brands of eco toys (from eco wooden toys and non-toxic bath toys to non-toxic crayons) that are truly eco-friendly and safe.

Say hello to our 2024 Eco Toys Cheat Sheet for Non Toxic Toy Brands! Updated to include 57 eco toy brands available in Australia.

Hello Charlie's eco toy cheat sheet is a versatile and valuable resource. Whether you're looking for holiday gifts or birthday presents, assembling a newborn kit, or updating your child's toy collection, this cheat sheet provides a curated selection of non-toxic toy brands.

This comprehensive guide facilitates informed choices and empowers customers to minimise their environmental impact by opting for eco-friendly alternatives. It helps prioritise children's safety, ensuring the toys listed are crafted from non toxic materials. By patronising companies with ethical and sustainable practices, customers contribute to a healthier environment and support businesses committed to responsible manufacturing. This cheat sheet is an indispensable tool for conscientious consumers navigating the world of children's toys.

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Toy safety regulations on toxins

Toy materials to avoid

What to look for in eco toys for babies and kids

57 toy brands researched and reviewed for 2024

Check out our free Eco and Non-Toxic Cheat Sheet for sustainable toys! No need to wait – we've done the research for you. Grab your holiday gifts and year-round eco-friendly toy must-haves.

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