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Sunscreen Cheat Sheet 2023

Sunscreen Cheat Sheet 2023

You need to avoid getting sunburnt, and you have to protect your baby's delicate skin in our harsh Australian climate. But you've heard that some sunscreens have toxic ingredients, and you don't want to put these on yourself or your family either.

How do you know which is the safest sunscreen to use? Say hello! to our 2023 Safer Sunscreen Cheat Sheet!

Updated to include 62 popular Australian sunscreens, this Cheat Sheet is what you need to find your essential summer sunscreen.

How do you get it?


It’s important to remember that sunscreens prevent skin cancer. You’re better off using a sunscreen with a chemical absorber than no sunscreen at all. We are absolutely not saying to stop using sunscreen. What we are saying is that there are some active sunscreen ingredients that, although they definitely prevent you from getting burnt and thus getting skin cancer, may have other issues. Also remember, going for a natural sunscreen doesn't automatically mean it's a low-tox or non toxic sunscreen. Sneaky additives, especially in the inactive ingredients, can still be lurking, so keep an eye out!

Here's what we cover in this cheat sheet:

  • Australian sunscreen regulations
  • Sunscreen ingredients to avoid
  • What to look for with sunscreens
  • Reef safe sunscreens
  • 62 Australian sunscreens researched and rated for 2023

All this, free, in our safer sunscreens cheat sheet. What are you waiting for? We've done the research so you can get your summer sun essentials sorted!

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