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Disposable Nappy Cheat Sheet Hello Charlie

Disposable Nappies: A Hello Charlie Cheat Sheet

Let's face it - it's hard to know what's even in a disposable nappy, let alone the questions you should be asking to find out whether it's truly low tox and eco friendly.

Your baby wears a nappy almost 24/7 for the first two to three years of their life. You want to do the right thing, so you buy a brand that says they're plant based, biodegradable nappies that have no nasties. But your baby ends up with a nappy rash, and you're left wondering what kind of chemicals you've wrapped around your baby's bottom day and night.

Here's the thing - manufacturers don't have to disclose the ingredients in disposable nappies. It takes hours and hours of research to get to the bottom of what's really in them, and as a busy parent, you just don't have the time.

We get it!

You need an easy way to compare disposable nappies based on facts, not on hype or greenwash. We've researched and reviewed the top choices of eco nappies and compared them to the mainstream options - 22 different brands altogether. So grab the eco disposable nappies cheat sheet below to help you make informed and easy decisions when it comes to nappies!


Here's what we cover in this disposable nappy cheat sheet:

  1. What's in a disposable nappy
  2. What you should look out for in a disposable nappy
  3. Which certifications are truly important
  4. What makes a nappy more eco than the others
  5. 22 Australian nappy brands researched and rated:
    • Aldi Mamia
    • Bambo Nature
    • Baby Love
    • Comfy Koalas
    • Cub Bare
    • Cuddlies
    • Eco Boom
    • Eco by Naty
    • Ecoriginals
    • Happy Little Campers
    • Huggies
    • Joonya
    • Kit & Kin
    • Little One's
    • Lovekins
    • Moltex
    • Muumi
    • Noopii
    • Panda Eco (Luv Me)
    • Pillo
    • Rascal + Friends
    • Tooshies by TOM

All this, free, in our disposable nappy cheat sheet.

What other parents have said about this cheat sheet:

"I find these info sheets so helpful! My mum was initially very skeptical about an 'Eco nappy' she's a tough audience but has come full circle and now recommends bambo nature to others. I'm so happy your store had such recommendations and products, that is how I discovered your sample packs, which we 'water tested' pre baby and then chose bambo nature." Belinda S

"Thank you so much for this! It's so great to see the breakdown of each brand and feel like I'm making an informed choice as this info is so hard to find and quite confusing. This is priceless, thanks again :-)" Tahlie J

"Thank you for putting together this exhaustive list! Really good to read. I've tried every nappy discussed in this blog article, so Hello Charlie sample packs have been a good source. This blog and the baby wipes one have been much appreciated." Stacey S

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