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From the makers of TOM Organic come Tooshies nappies and baby wipes. Tooshies nappies swap oil based plastics for naturally derived, plant based materials wherever possible to make the eco nappies as sustainable as they can, while still getting that 12 hour performance.

So you’ll find an organic bamboo core and a biodegradable backsheet made from a biobased (corn based) plastic. And of course, like all the eco disposables that we stock at Hello Charlie, Tooshies eco nappies have no perfumes, lotions, latex, phthalates, parabens, heavy metal inks or other nasties, so they’re gentle on little bottoms.

The range starts with the Tooshies newborn nappies (Size 1) and goes all the way up to the junior (Size 6) so there’s a nappy for every stage. We love the super cute prints, too! Each Tooshies nappy size has a different print – there are pears, watermelons, whales, rainbows and more. Perfect getting around with pants off!

The Tooshies wipes are biodegradable, compostable and fragrance free, so they’re the perfect companion to the eco nappies! In two versions, the Tooshies water wipes are 99.4% water with gentle ingredients that are perfect for newborns.

There’s also the soothing aloe vera and chamomile Tooshies baby wipes. Both wipes are thick, soft and textured to clean up even the biggest messes!

TOM Organic is a certified B Corp, so you know the TOMs tooshies nappies and baby wipes are ethical and sustainable.

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