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Best Natural Baby Wipes Cheat Sheet

Best Natural Baby Wipes Cheat Sheet

When you’ve got a baby, you use a lot of baby wipes. Think about how many nappy changes you do each day! And every time you change your baby, you wipe potentially toxic ingredients over the most sensitive parts of your baby’s body.

You don't wash them off, so these ingredients stay on your baby's skin until bathtime.

Add to this that most baby wipes are plastic. Think about the environmental impact of all those plastic wipes!

Even if you don't use any other natural baby products, you really should be using non toxic, biodegradable baby wipes.

But how do you know what all the ingredients are in baby wipes? Are they safe? How can you tell?

We get it!

It's so confusing. Ingredients in baby wipes have been linked to nappy rash and contact dermatitis. Some of the ingredients are endocrine disruptors. And some of the ingredients are contaminated with carcinogens during the manufacturing process. 

Although some of the big guys have cleaned up their acts over the last few years, there are still irritating and even toxic ingredients in some brands of baby wipes.

Trying to work out what's greenwash and what's not is time consuming and frustrating. "Water" wipes with toxic ingredients? "Natural" wipes that are made of plastic and synthetics?

Which is why many of us just grab a pretty looking pack, only to get them home and find that our poor baby breaks out in a rash. And that’s where we come in!

So grab the cheat sheet and find out which ones really are non toxic wipes, and which ones you (and your baby!) should avoid.

Here's what we cover in this cheat sheet:

  • What's actually in baby wipes
  • Ingredients to avoid in baby wipes
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • Flushable wipes
  • Learn how to spot nasty ingredients, fast
  • 44 different Australian baby wipes researched and rated for you

Get your free ebook now!

All this is free, in our safer baby wipes cheat sheet. What are you waiting for? We've done the research so you can be assured that what you're using on your baby is better for them and better for the planet.

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