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Hevea Natural Rubber Champagne Pink Whale & Vanilla Turtle


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Hevea Natural Rubber Champagne Pink Whale & Vanilla Turtle

  • 100% natural rubber
  • Tactile and squeezy for little ones
  • Fun, splashy bath toys

From the Hevea family of natural rubber bath toys comes Champagne Pink Whale & Vanilla Turtle. Made from 100% natural rubber that's been upcycled from rubber waste, sterilised and repurposed. Your baby can squeeze, chew and splash happily at bath time. There's a large hole at the bottom to suck water up, and a small hole to squeeze water out of!

Designed to be safe and hygienic, thanks to the innovative closing mechanism which prevents inside mould. Simply open the bottom of the toys to dry when you’re done and next bath time they can be sealed up again for more splashing.

These natural rubber toys are for more than just playing and having fun. As well as making bath time something to look forward to they double as great teething toys. The textured surfaces soothe sore gums and the soft rubber is perfect to chew on. 

Why we love the Hevea Natural Rubber Champagne Pink Whale & Vanilla Turtle:

  • Colours from natural plant pigments
  • Float on water
  • Soft, malleable and easy for little hands to grasp
  • Patterned texture on tails for massaging gums
  • Large holes fill with water to squeeze out of the top
  • Drain easily for drying to prevent mould
  • 100% natural rubber that's been upcycled
  • Biodegradable
  • Non toxic

The colours are natural, and they may fade over time. Keep the toy clean, and place out of direct sunlight and heat to extend the product life. To clean, wash by hand in warm soapy water, or wash in a solution of 1 part warm water to 2 parts vinegar.

As with all toys, please check periodically to ensure there is no wear or damage, and discard if there is.

Age: Recommended for all ages

Size: Whale approx 10cm long, turtle approx 8cms long

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