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The Oil Garden

The Oil Garden creates essential oil blends using only the finest, pure essential oils. This Australian owned brand sources only the purest oils from around the world to create their beautiful aromatherapy products and organic skincare.

You’ll find essential oil blends to help you focus, give you an energy boost, assist with headaches, sleeplessness and even to boost your immunity. For little ones, try the gentle essential oil blends specially designed for babies and toddlers. For facial care, try the The Oil Garden hydrosols, or floral water. True flower water is made by distilling fresh flowers when extracting the essential oils, not the cheap alternative of adding essential oil to water. The Oil Garden’s hydrosols are true hydrosols, so you can apply them directly to your skin. Rose hydrosol is gentle and refreshing, while lavender hydrosol is great for sensitive skin.

An easy way to use essential oils is with an aroma oil diffuser. Check out the range of electric aromatherapy diffuser, which work without heat so they’re safe for the whole family.

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