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What is a Subo?

Subo the food bottle allows children to feed themselves independently, using an innovative non squeeze design. Pop the food in the bottle, and the inner platform automatically moves up the bottle when your child sucks food from the soft silicone spout.

Your child has more independence as they hold the bottle themselves, and you have free hands. It's non squeezable, so there's less mess, and the food goes straight into your child's tummy, not everywhere else!

You'll save money whilst also making a much more environmentally friendly choice. No more single use plastic pouches!

Use them at home for less mealtime mess, or for feeding when you're out and about.

What can you put in a Subo bottle?

The Subo food bottle is perfect for soft foods like healthy homemade purèes, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods. Think about the food types that go into those single use squeezable packaged pouches and make your own DIY versions!

The Subo isn't a drink bottle, as it's not designed for liquids. Stick with soft food like pureed fruits or cereals soaked in milk.

You can even use it for smaller volumes, depending on how much food your child eats. By pushing the platform up to the volume that you want, you can fill to the ideal level for your little one. The platform moves automatically up the bottle no matter how much food is left in the bottle.

There are volume markers on the side of the bottle, so you know exactly how much food you're giving your child. The squeezable less mess bottles means that food ends up where it's supposed to be, so you also know how much they've actually eaten!

What age is Subo suitable for?

The food bottle allows babies, toddlers and even older kids to use it easily. It's perfect to use from six months old. The smaller diameter straw spout may be easier for little ones under 2, so that they can easily sip thinner liquids. Older children may prefer thicker liquids from the original spout.

Kids love Subo, too, and it's a great way to give kids breakfast when mornings are super busy and you need to get out the door. Saves time waiting for breakfasts to be finished - kids can have a healthy smoothie on the go.

More about Subo

Subo is proudly certified Australian made to the highest safety standards, including Australian and European standards.

Subo products are phthalate free and BPA free, made from PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone.

They're simple to clean by hand washing in warm soapy water using a cloth or bottle brush. You can also dismantle the whole thing and wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Always check the spout before each use, and replace at the first sign of wear. It's easy to replace parts, and these can be purchased separately.

The soft silicone spout comes in two versions, the original spout or the straw spout. The straw spout can be easier for younger babies, as the smaller diameter is designed for thinner purees, smoothies, yoghurts or rice cereals. These can be easier for younger children learning to suck from a straw.

Subo comes in a range of colours, including the bestselling duck egg blue and mint green.

Subo Review

Parents love Subo! Check out some of the Subo reviews on the Hello Charlie website:

"My toddler LOVES IT and we've had it for over a year now and still use it daily! Also an awesome eco-friendly alternative to pouches!"

"My daughter loves her subo bottle. It makes eating on the go mess free and easy."

"My eleven month old has found this really easy to drink his healthy smoothies from, and I've found it really easy to clean."

"We have used reusable pouches before and I found them difficult to clean and my baby would love to watch all the food ooze out as he squeezed! This bottle saves all the food from being squeezed out! Saving me from cleaning everything and saving the food from being wasted!"

The Hello Charlie online store is one of the official Subo bottle stockists, with delivery Australia wide and same day despatch when you order before 10am.

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