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Shampoo With A Purpose: Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Liz and Geneva Valek revolutionised hair care for thousands of Australians by creating Shampoo With a Purpose (S.W.A.P.). This eco conscious range of natural shampoos was launched by the mother daughter duo in 2018.

Liz has been in the soap manufacturing business since 1983. Even with all her expertise, she was told that it would be impossible to process shampoo bars on the machinery they use. But Liz persevered despite other people's doubts that they could succeed. Her determination and commitment made them the first and only company to process shampoo & conditioner bars using triple milling, commercial equipment.

Their manufacturing process enables them to produce one bar of shampoo that is equal to 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. What's even better is that this Australian shampoo bar doubles as a shampoo and conditioner.

What makes Shampoo With A Purpose eco friendly and sustainable?

Shampoo with natural ingredients and additives

Shampoo With a Purpose uses eco friendly natural ingredients and additives.

Their eco shampoo and conditioner bars are safe for the environment. They're free from parabens, EDTA, triethanolamine, animal derivatives, palm oil, sulphates, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, and harmful detergents.

All four shampoo bar types share the same core ingredients. To focus on different hair care needs, the bars also use natural oils like coconut and argan, as well as nourishing plant extracts from seaweed, ginseng and sage.

Their solid shampoo bar is mild and pH balanced, making them safe for all hair types.

Each natural shampoo bar holds its integrity in the shower so it won't turn into sludge or mush.

The best natural shampoo that's free from animal by products

Shampoo With A Purpose was the first Australian company to stop using animal fat based soaps. Their vegan shampoo and conditioner bars aren't tested on animals, too.

Compostable, zero waste cardboard packaging

Each Shampoo With A Purpose shampoo & conditioner bar is packed in plastic free, recyclable jiffy post packaging.

Plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar

These palm oil free products from Shampoo With A Purpose are economical. One bar replaces 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Not only do these shampoo bars help reduce single use plastic waste, but they also keep your shower clutter free (no more plastic containers).

They're easy to use, too. Just lather the natural shampoo bar through your wet hair and rinse it out.

Popular products from Shampoo With A Purpose

Shampoo With A Purpose has four types of solid shampoo and natural conditioner bars, including the bestselling O.G. shampoo. S.W.A.P. also has eco shampoo bars for colour treated, dry or damaged hair, and for hair that needs body and volume.

Shampoo and conditioner bar - The O.G.

This O.G. shampoo bar has Moroccan argan oil that helps improve hair growth, prevents dandruff, and tames frizzy hair. It also contains coconut oil and shea butter that calms itchy and irritated scalps.

The natural coconut fragrance in this O.G. bar keeps hair smelling fresh and sweet, too.

This Shampoo With A Purpose O.G. bar is suitable for normal or combination hair.

Shampoo bar for colour treated hair

This Shampoo With A Purpose shampoo bar for coloured hair contains avocado oil that helps strengthen hair and prevent dandruff. It also uses Kakadu plum oil that helps restore damaged hair, sweet almond oil that stimulates weak roots, and jojoba oil that helps soothe hair damage caused by chemical colouring. It also has Moroccan argan oil that tames frizzy hair and coconut oil with shea butter that moisturises dry and irritated scalps.

This vegan shampoo bar for colour treated hair is also suitable for brittle, chemically treated, or bleached hair.

The best natural volumising shampoo and conditioner bar

The seaweed extract in S.W.A.P.'s volume solid bar shampoo helps bring moisture to dry or damaged hair. It also has ginseng extract that gives your hair an extra boost. Sage gives your hair body and volume, rosemary encourages hair growth, Moroccan argan oil helps prevents dandruff and tames frizzy hair, and shea butter soothes dry and irritated scalp.

This Shampoo With A Purpose vegan shampoo is suitable for limp, curly, and oily hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar - Dry Or Damaged Hair

The sandalwood in S.W.A.P.'s dry or damaged shampoo & conditioner bar helps restore hair's youthful shine. There's also lilly pilly that soothes hair follicles, sweet almond oil strengthens weak roots, chia seed extract revitalises hair, oatmeal helps prevent dandruff and sun damage, and shea butter soothes an irritated and dry scalp.

This vegan natural hair shampoo and conditioner bar is suitable for dry and brittle hair.

Shop Shampoo With A Purpose - Where to Buy?

The Hello Charlie online shop is one of the official Shampoo With A Purpose stockists for solid shampoo and conditioner bars, with Australia wide delivery and same day despatch when you order before 10 am.

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