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Re-Play Recycled - The Best Eco Friendly Dinnerware Brand

Re-Play was founded in the USA back in 1987, by husband and wife Craig and Amy Shumway. The trading company name is Re-Think It, Inc. and we think that's the perfect way to describe what this company does. Instead of simply throwing away milk cartons, this awesome family friendly company turns them into bright, fun tableware.

RePlay was founded on the belief that mealtimes with the family will always be the best part of each day. From their plates and bowls to their cups, everything RePlay produces is designed to make eating fun for the whole family.

Their vibrant and neutral, eco friendly tableware is suitable for any age, too. That's why RePlay is a terrific choice for anyone looking for affordable but high quality products that you can mix and match.

They launched their baby feeding products in 2011. In 2018, they expanded their product line to include adult sized dishware. This move helped transition them into a family tableware company. They have since grown to include the RePlay Re-USAables, which are silicone accessories to make this range even more functional. Accessories include things like lids for plates, and soft silicone straws.

What Makes Replay Eco Friendly and Sustainable?

For a company that started out repurposing milk jugs, RePlay sure has made a name for itself. They have saved 40 million milk jugs as of 2019 and continue to innovate with products made from recycled and food safe plastics. Some of the newer components are made from flexible silicone, which combines perfectly with the durable recycled plastic. And their product range comes a huge range of fun colours which can be combined into a rainbow set in colours that are just for your family.

They source their vibrant, all natural colour concentrates to adhere to strict FDA & EU purity standards. It means that their products are safe for your family to use everyday.

Not only is RePlay's tableware dishwasher safe, but their products are also free from BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, and surface coatings. You can feel good about using their eco friendly plates and bowls at your next picnic or barbecue - not to mention their eco friendly cutlery, too!

RePlay also prides itself on having a smaller carbon footprint. Their manufacturing facility is within 150 miles of their packaging and warehouse facility to keep emissions as low as possible.

Made from Recycled Plastic Milk Jugs

RePlay's plates and bowls are made from #2 HDPE plastic (recycled milk containers) and/or #5 polypropylene plastics (recycled FDA approved polypropylene), depending on the variant.

Their baby cutlery, sippy cups, tumblers, straw cups with reusable straw, and snack stacks are made from a combination of #2 HDPE plastic and #5 polypropylene plastics.

Their infant spoon cases and straw cup replacement straws are made from recycled #5 polypropylene plastic.

You can be assured that your family is using safe products with no harmful substances or toxins. And you're keeping plastic out of landfill.

Re-Play Tableware Products

The RePlay collection is about giving you attractive, recycled plastic products that you will love and use frequently.

The infant spoons are ideal for babies starting first foods, and are just the right size for learner eaters wanting to feed themselves! Dip n pour bowls work for baby feeding, with a handy spot to rest the spoon. But they're not just for baby food - these great little bowls are ideal for snacks and dips, too.

For more independent eaters, the utensils are specially designed to be safe for toddlers, with rounded tips on the forks and deep scoops on the spoons. Smaller bowls have deep walls that help little ones scoop out their food, while large bowls have a broad base that keeps spills to a minimum.

Flat plates and divided plates also these have deep walls that help little ones scoop out their food without spilling it out of the edges.

Tumblers are just the thing for transitioning from Re play sippy cups and straw cups for kids who are not quite ready for ‘grown up’ cups yet.

For getting out and about, the snack stacks are perfect for snacks on the go.

The whole range is so versatile that they can all be used after baby has learnt to eat independently. It's all so sturdy and durable that you'll be able to use it for years. And finally, if you're really, really done with Re-Play, the whole lot is fully recyclable!

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