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Becoming a new parent is an emotional and exciting experience, but it can also be a time of worry and concern. One of the common challenges new parents face is finding high quality baby essentials, such as bath towels.

Imagine being a new parent, receiving a bundle of baby towels as a thoughtful gift from your loved ones. While the sentiment warms your heart, you quickly realise that these towels are too thick, lack the absorbency you need, and are made from a less than ideal polyester-cotton blend. The last thing you want is to wrap your baby in something less than perfect after a soothing bath.

At Hello Charlie, we understand the difficulties new parents face, which is why we've curated a range of products that not only meet your needs but also offer eco friendly solutions. One of the standout products in our collection are the organic muslin hooded baby towels by Natruba - a Danish brand that embodies sustainability, quality, and innovation.

Natruba's hooded towels go beyond your average bath accessory, demonstrating their commitment to providing safe and soft options for babies. Made from GOTS certified organic muslin cotton, this towel is absorbent, durable, and ecofriendly. It's hypoallergenic and perfectly sized for newborns and infants, ensuring little ones stay cosy, warm, and secure after every bath.

A Story of Love and Sustainability

Natruba is a family owned and operated business that has a passion for sustainability. Founded in 2016 by the husband and wife duo Kasper and Line, Natruba was born out of their genuine concern as parents. They too worried over the safety of their little one, especially when she had a natural inclination to put everything in her mouth.

Fueled by a desire to create a safe, toxic free environment for their child, they embarked on a journey that led to the creation of eco conscious products for their baby daughter. Their journey began on the Danish island of Bornholm, where they were inspired to create eco toys and other organic baby products that not only looked good but were also free of harmful chemicals.

Sustainable Packaging

Natruba acknowledges the crucial role that forests play in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem. For this reason, they're committed to using FSC® certified paper and packaging materials for their eco friendly baby products, whenever possible.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international non profit organisation that advocates for responsible and sustainable forest management worldwide. By enforcing strict standards and practices, the FSC ensures that the wood used to produce these materials is sourced from environmentally and socially responsible origins.

Sustainable Materials

Organic Cotton Comfort

Natruba's muslin bath towels are made from organic cotton, a soft and eco friendly material. This choice not only pampers your baby's sensitive skin but also supports responsible agriculture practices.

Ethical Production in Turkey

Natruba's hooded baby towels are manufactured in a GOTS certified factory in Turkey, ensuring quality and sustainability. This certification guarantees fair labour practices and environmentally responsible production.

Plastic Free Living

Natruba's dedication to the environment goes further by ensuring their products are free from plastics. This simple choice contributes to reducing plastic waste and promoting a cleaner, healthier world.

Natruba's focus on authenticity and sustainability makes it an excellent choice for parents seeking high quality, eco friendly baby products. With Natruba, you're making a responsible choice for your child's wellbeing and the planet's future.

Shop Natruba's Most Popular Product for Children

Natruba Organic Muslin Hooded Baby Bath Towel

Upgrade your baby's bath time with the Natruba Organic Muslin Hooded Baby Towel! Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this organic baby towel is a gentle embrace for your baby's delicate skin. Imagine wrapping your precious bundle in a cloud of softness, soothing their senses and keeping them warm and cosy after bathtime.

Ultra Absorbency for Quick Drying

No time for post bath chills! The Natruba Organic Muslin Hooded Baby Towel is super absorbent, soaking up all those droplets in a jiffy. Say goodbye to fussy babies and hello to happy, dry snuggles.

Four Layers of Pure Comfort

This isn't just any baby hooded towel. It's a masterpiece of comfort. Four layers of organic muslin combine to create a towel that's not only soft and light but also incredibly durable, ensuring it can withstand countless bathtime adventures.

Hooded Design for Extra Warmth

Keep your baby's head and ears warm and snug with the handy hood – no more shivering little ones – just pure contentment and comfort.

This baby bath towel is pre washed, GOTS certified, and designed to withstand endless washes. It also comes in soft, dreamy colours and eco friendly packaging.

Buy Natruba Organic Cotton Baby Bath Towel at Hello Charlie

The Hello Charlie online shop is one of the official Natruba stockists, with Australia wide delivery and same day despatch when you order before 10 am.

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