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JAK Organics

JAK Organics is a beautiful Australian organic brand, created by three sisters. Using lots of lovely natural oils, they’ve created a range of natural and organic skin care and baby care products.

We love their amazing biodegradable baby wipes. The Aqua wipes are made with 99.9% water, and these baby water wipes have absolutely no nasty preservatives. The 2 in 1 Baby Wipes have the most organic ingredients of any baby wipe that we’ve found, and they not only clean baby’s bottom, they leave a natural barrier to prevent wetness and rashes.

The makeup remover wipes are chock full of lovely organic ingredients and take your makeup off easily, without eye sting or rubbing. They’ll leave your skin clean and feeling fresh.

And we have to mention JAK Organics Soothe Balm – it’s an all rounder that sorts out nappy rash, dry cuticles, as a moisture mask, or even on cuts and scrapes. Beautiful!

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