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Honey Sticks Crayons

Honeysticks beeswax crayons are 100% natural and totally non toxic! If you've been looking for non toxic crayons for toddlers, or first crayons for baby, or perhaps non toxic bath crayons, Honeysticks has them!

These completely non toxic crayons are handmade in New Zealand, using only 100% New Zealand beeswax and non toxic, food grade pigments. The Honey Sticks crayons use the highest percentage of beeswax of any crayon on the market, and you can smell the honey when you have a sniff of them – lovely!

The bath crayons are the only 100% natural bath crayons you’ll find, which is ideal if you’re looking for non toxic bath toys for toddlers. The Honeysticks bath crayons are made with a combination of soy and beeswax, and the soy is sourced from sustainable plantations in the USA.

These eco crayons have recycled and recyclable packaging, and there are no nasties like paraffin wax, just beautiful natural ingredients. They really are the nicest natural wax crayons you’ll ever see!

Another great thing about Honeysticks crayons is that they’re designed with children’s developmental needs in mind. They’ll help to encourage correct hand grasping for learning to write.

Originals: these are baby crayons, designed for ages 1 to 3 years. They’re chunky, and chubby and hard to break. These baby first crayons are designed for grasping where little ones don’t yet have opposable thumb dexterity. The original Honey Stick crayons come in a pack of 12 bright, long lasting colours.

Longs: these toddler crayons are designed for ages 3 to 5 years. These Honey sticks jumbo crayons are designed for larger hands that have begun developing dexterity and pen grip. These natural crayons for toddlers come in a pack of 6 lovely bright colours.

The natural bath crayons are designed for the same age as the longs, from ages 3 to 5 years. They come in 7 cheerful colours, and the blend of soy, beeswax and food grade colours wash off your bath easily.

Unlike the wax crayons, the Honey sticks bath crayons come packed in a tin that’s got holes in the bottom so it drains easily, and can also be used as a bath toy itself. 

Hello Charlie are official Honey Sticks crayons Australia stockists.
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