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Choose an Alcyon diffuser to disperse natural scents around your home. An ultrasonic diffuser creates a gentle mist that carries microscopic particles of your favourite essential oils around the room. The Alcyon diffusers are multi functional five in one products, being a diffuser, humidifier, ioniser, air filter and night light in one. They automatically shut down when they run out of water, and they’re safe to use around children.

The Taiko diffuser is perfect for large rooms, and runs up to 16 hours continuously. The Bambu diffuser has a beautiful bamboo outer, with an interchangeable glass lid that emits a soft, gentle light. The Lua diffuser is ideal for a child’s bedroom, with a slim design and warm, different coloured lights.

Using an ultrasonic vapouriser is perfect for children, as there’s no heat source and no danger if they touch it or knock it over.

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