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In the heart of Germany's picturesque Swabian Alb region lies a company that has mastered the art of turning the humble grain into an exquisite culinary delight - the Alb Gold pasta.

Alb-Gold, synonymous with quality and passion, has crafted exceptional pasta since 1977. With a deep rooted commitment to tradition and innovation, Alb-Gold has earned its reputation as one of the largest pasta producers in Germany.

Alb-Gold was founded by Klaus Freidler in 1968, initially as a chicken farm in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. However, due to the decline of the egg market in Germany and Europe during the mid-70s, the company decided to pivot and focus on pasta production.

Reflecting on the origins of this endeavour, Klaus stumbled upon a pasta making machine during a food trade fair in the mid-1970s. The machine's reliance on many eggs for pasta production captivated his attention. Seizing the opportunity, he impulsively purchased the device, which had a daily capacity of 30 kilos. This event marked Alb-Gold's journey to becoming a renowned pasta manufacturer.

A True Legacy

Despite being a traditional family owned company, Alb-Gold adapted to changing market conditions to remain successful. Klaus worked tirelessly for 30 years until his unfortunate passing in 2010, transforming the company into a leading German pasta manufacturer. Their extensive range of over 150 pasta shapes includes kids' pasta made from organic durum wheat semolina.

Pioneering Sustainability in Food Production

Transparency and trust are crucial for the food we serve our families. That's why the Alb-Gold organic pasta is EU organic certified, guaranteeing that it meets strict organic standards. It's important to note that not every brand labelled as "organic" can genuinely live up to that claim. With Hello Charlie as your trusted stockist, you can have confidence in the organic kids' pasta you serve, knowing that it has undergone rigorous certification.

Meeting the most stringent global food standards

Alb-Gold reached a significant achievement in 2000 by implementing extensive restructuring programs that met the strictest international food standards. These standards included the following:

  • DIN ISO 9001
  • FS (International Food Standard V5 - Higher Level)
  • EU-Organic
  • Demeter
  • Bioland
  • NOP (National Organic Program USA)

These accomplishments reflect Alb-Gold's dedication to excellence and commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in all operations.

A stance against GMOs

Alb-Gold is deeply committed to sustainability and has integrated this ethos into its core philosophy. Using local grains, they actively contribute to developing regional economic circles while fighting against GMO agriculture and food.

Klaus passionately advocated against green genetic engineering, emphasising its destructive consequences on nature and the environment. As the first company to adopt the non GMO logo, Alb-Gold sets an example for others to follow and continues to lead the way in making a positive impact.

Sustainable Packaging

Alb-Gold believes in making conscious packaging choices as part of its sustainable practices. Their kids' organic food is packed in sustainable colourful folding boxes. By opting for these eco friendly packaging solutions, Alb-Gold reduces waste and demonstrates its commitment to minimising its ecological footprint.

Quality ingredients from seed to pasta

At Alb-Gold, quality starts with raw materials. They believe in forming long term relationships with local suppliers who share their vision of using non GMO ingredients, from selecting the best seeds to the final products. This reflects the company's values and meets the expectations of its esteemed customers.

Alb-Gold's 100% organically grown durum wheat semolina pasta is meticulously crafted to cater to different dietary requirements. It's the right option for your kids, as it's free from GMO, dairy, lactose, salt, yeast, rice, corn, soy, nut, and added sugar. With this product, Alb-Gold provides a healthy and inclusive pasta option for kids, ensuring their meal is nutritious and suitable for various dietary restrictions.

Shop the best Alb-Gold Pasta for Kids

Animal themed pasta: from farm animals to dinosaurs!

The Alb-Gold Organic Kid's Animal Shaped Pasta gives a delightful blend of taste and imagination! Crafted from 100% organic durum wheat semolina, this premium organic pasta elevates healthy eating to a new level. The charming shapes, featuring farm animal pasta and dinosaur shaped pasta, make meals more exciting!

So, say goodbye to bland meals and welcome limitless possibilities. Alb-Gold Organic Kid's Animal Pasta pairs well with various sauces and toppings, allowing your creativity to soar. It's also free of preservatives and made with the finest ingredients, providing a wholesome dining experience every time.

Encourage healthy eating habits with Alb-Gold Kid's Pasta. Let your children's taste buds embark on an exciting journey while nourishing their bodies with organic goodness. It's time to bring fun back to the table and witness their smiles light up as they relish every playful bite!

Prepare and cook in under 10 minutes!

This animal themed pasta is easy to prepare and quick to cook. Just boil it for 8-10 minutes in salted water, which makes it great for busy parents and hungry little bellies. You can quickly whip up a nutritious meal that your kids will love.

Shop Alb-Gold Kid's Organic Pasta at Hello Charlie

The Hello Charlie online shop is one of the official Alb-Gold stockists, with Australia wide delivery and same day despatch when you order before 10 am.

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