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What to do when baby's nappy is leaking

What to do when baby’s nappy is leaking

Every parent knows how it feels when you lift baby from the cot to find that the nappy has leaked. You have to strip baby completely, change baby’s clothes (and sometimes yours), sheets, blankets, sleep bag and wipe down a cold, wet and usually crying baby. And the worst of it is, you’re usually doing it in the middle of the night!

Hello Charlie has years of experience at changing nappies, so here are our top tips on how to prevent the dreaded leaky nappy.

Move Up A Nappy Size

The most common reason for nappy leaks is that your baby has outgrown that size of nappy. Try moving up a size, and you may find that the leaks stop immediately. We’re happy to pop a sample in with your Hello Charlie order, free of charge. Just ask us in the comments at checkout!

Move Down a Nappy Size

The nappy may even be too big (this is more of a possibility with newborns). Make sure that it’s fitting snuggly around the legs and tummy.

Fasten the Nappy Firmly

Also, the nappy might be the right size, but fastened too loose. The nappy should fit firmly around the tummy and the legs.

Don't Rely On Weight Ranges Alone

Remember that the weight ranges are a guide only. This is especially true in the larger sizes. Just because your baby fits into the 7-18kgs size, doesn’t mean that you need to wait until your toddler is 18kgs before moving into a larger sized nappy. In the larger sizes it’s more about absorbency than weight range, so if you’re having problems with leaks, test out the next size up.

Penises Pointing Down!

With boys, make sure that their penis is pointing down (one I learned the hard way). Penises pointing up is a definite no-no!

Change the Nappy More Frequently

Perhaps change the nappy more frequently. Especially in newborns, who wee what seems like all the time. Newborns need to be changed 10 to 12 times a day. As baby gets older, it will need to be about every 2 to 3 hours. Changing a wet nappy as soon as you notice it will also help to avoid nappy rash.
    What to do when baby's nappy is leaking

    Switch out Nappy Brands

    Check your nappy brand – there are definitely nappies that are more absorbent than others. From personal experience, Bambo Nature and Moltex have great absorbency. Alternatively, you may need a smaller size during the day, and a larger (i.e. more absorbent size) at night. Here at Hello Charlie, we have customers in Bambo Nature who use Maxi during the day, and Juniors at night. The size of the nappy isn’t that different, but the absorbency is.

    Check the Rise of the Nappy

    Check the that rise is high enough on the tummy – if your baby is leaking out of the top of the nappy it may mean that the nappy needs to go up a size. Nappies, especially on tiny babies, need to look like ‘geek pants’ to work effectively.

    You may not be pulling the nappy up high enough. If your baby leaks out the front, make sure the nappy covers the belly button. If your baby leaks out the back, pull the back of the nappy a bit higher. Also, don’t tuck singlets into nappies, as the singlet will absorb the wee. (Another one I learnt the hard way!)

    Frilly Bits Out

    Make sure that the leg bands (the frilly bits) are outside, which gives a better seal and keeps the wetness in.

    Try an Absorbent Insert

    If you’ve got a baby who’s a big wetter (and some babies are – they just drink a lot) you might try an absorbent insert if your baby is in disposable nappies, and if your baby is in cloth nappies, perhaps add an extra insert or a more absorbent one.

    For older babies, you can try cutting down on liquids before bedtime, and putting a new nappy on right before they go to sleep.

      Don’t forget that Hello Charlie has nappy samples of all our disposable nappies. You can purchase these individually, or we’re more than happy to pop a sample in with your order. Just ask us!

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