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Newborn essentials every parent needs

The Newborn Essentials Every Parent Needs

When it comes to buying things for a newborn baby, the list of choices and questions can feel endless. With so many products on the market and plenty of conflicting advice — it’s no wonder many people feel daunted and confused before the baby is even born! That’s why Hello Charlie researches and reviews everything before we stock it, so that our customers can be assured everything is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

To help new parents decide what they really need before the arrival of their bub, we have teamed up with Noble Oak to compile a definitive list of newborn baby essentials.

The biggest mistake expectant parents make when they’re choosing products for their baby is assuming that baby needs everything straight away. Keep it simple. New babies really don’t need that much stuff, and parents often buy way too much that then doesn’t get used!

The most common question we get from expectant parents is how they can make sure that they’re choosing non-toxic products for their new baby? Unfortunately, it’s not easy. There’s so much greenwashing and misleading marketing out there, which is why we have such strict guidelines regarding what we will stock in our store. We research and review every single product before we’ll stock it. If it’s on Hello Charlie, you can be assured that it’s non-toxic.

To help new parents, we also publish our research through our famous cheat sheets. We’ve got cheat sheets on everything from nappies and wipes, through to baby skincare and eco-friendly toys.

The Newborn Essentials Every Parent Needs

Out top 3 essential products for newborns

Biodegradable eco baby wipes: We see so many cases of nappy rash that could be prevented by using baby wipes with good ingredients, instead of the toxic, fragrance-filled wipes that cause rashes on sensitive baby skin. We love Wotnot wipes, JAK Organic and Joonya wipes.

Unscented baby soap: Fragrance really, really shouldn’t be used on babies. Their skin is too delicate, and fragrance hides some nasty ingredients. You’ll need soap for everything, including washing your own hands, so choose a mild, unfragranced one with natural ingredients. Our bestseller is Dr Bronner’s castile soap — either liquid or bar. It’s wonderful!

Breast pads and maternity pads for mum: Mum needs looking after, too, and choosing soft, natural personal care makes such a difference. Go with organic and reusable where possible. Have a look at Nature's Child, Natracare, Organyc and Pea Pods brands.

If you'd like a hand with choosing eco products for your new baby, the friendly team at Hello Charlie are here to help. Email us and we'll be able to point you in the right direction!

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