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Ergopouch blockout blinds

Ergopouch Blockout Blinds for Baby: How to Get Baby to Sleep Anywhere!

Introducing the Ergopouch blockout blind! These portable blackout blinds are the ideal solution for helping to create a cozy, dark sleeping environment for baby.

They work brilliantly whether you’re at home, in a hotel, an Airbnb or staying at grandma’s - anywhere that there’s too much light coming in to baby’s room.

The black side of the blind blocks out the light, and the white side of the blind reflects the heat, helping to regulate the temperature of the room.

It’s really easy to apply. You just measure up the window, and cut the sheets to the right size. Peel the storage sheet from the back of the blind, then put the white side at the top of the window, and smooth down with your hand.

When you’re done, you just pull the blind gently away from the window, and fold it or roll it away for storage. You can use it again and again.

All the materials in the Ergopouch baby bedroom blackout blinds are non toxic, and you can just wipe it clean if you need. It’s perfect for travel.

Ergopouch Blockout Blinds for Baby

How baby room blackout blinds can help baby sleep

  • A blackout blink can help remove distractions. During the day, baby can see everything that’s in the bedroom, as well as shadows and the play of light on the wall. Removing the visual distractions with complete blackout shades can help some babies to settle down and get to sleep.
  • Exposing baby to light and dark at the proper wake/sleep intervals can help develop their body clocks and give the signal that it’s time to go to sleep. A dark room can help train baby into thinking that dark = nap time.
  • Changes in the level of melatonin in your body helps you to understand when to sleep. Darkness means an increase in melatonin, which sends you off to sleep. Light decreases your melatonin, and your body doesn’t realise that it’s time to sleep. Using blackout shades can help baby to get the message that it’s time to go to sleep.
  • When baby is used to a dark room to go to sleep, it can be hard when you’re away from home. That’s why we think that these portable blockout panel blinds are so brilliant!

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