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Bambo Nature Nappies: How to Choose the Right Nappy Size

Bambo Nature Nappies: How To Choose the Right Nappy Sizes

Bambo Nature Nappy and Training Pants Size Guide

If you're a first time parent (or even if you're not!) it can be confusing to work out which size nappy your baby should be in. Newborn, infant or mini? Size 3 or Size 4? 

Years of using nappies on our own children, and of talking to our lovely customers about nappies mean that we can pretty much fit a nappy by sight! 

So we've pulled together a handy dandy guide to the Bambo Nature nappy sizes.

Bambo Nature Nappies: How To Choose the Right Nappy Sizes

Bambo Nature nappy size guide: 

Premature Size 0: 1 to 3 kgs; premature birth to around 2.5kgs

Size 1 (XS): 2 to 4 kgs; birth to around 3.5 kgs

Size 2 (S): 3 to 6 kgs; around 3.5 kgs to around 5 kgs

Size 3 (M): 4 to 8 kgs; from 4 kgs to just under 8 kgs

Size 4 (L): 7 to 14 kgs; around 6.5 kgs to around 13 kgs

Size 5 (XL): 12 to 18 kgs; from around 13 kgs

Size 6 (XXL): 16 kgs plus; from around 15 kgs

We also have sample packs if you want to try a size before committing to a whole pack. If you're not sure about how many newborn nappies to buy, we recommend buying a newborn deal. This has 3 packs of Size 1 nappies and 3 packs of Size 2 nappies. If your newborn grows really quickly, it means that you're not left with a heap of nappies that are too small!

Bambo Nature training pants size guide: 

Training Pants Size 4: 7 to 14 kgs, from around 6 kgs 

Training Pants Size 5: 12 to 18 kgs, from around 13 kgs

Training Pants Size 6: 18 kgs +; from around 16 kgs, but depends on how chunky your little one is. 

Why do nappy sizes overlap?

Babies come in all different shapes and sizes, and they all eat and drink different amounts. Although your baby might be still within the recommended weight range for the size, the next size up may be more absorbent. This can be especially important at night. 

There is an overlap in sizes in the larger nappies to take into account that as babies grow, there can be a much bigger discrepancy in ages and shapes, which may mean that one 14kg baby is fine in the Size 4 (L) size, but another 14kg baby needs the junior.

How do you know when to change nappy sizes? 

If the nappy is leaking, we find that it's usually because your baby is in the wrong size nappy.

Check how the nappy is fitting on your baby. If there are red marks around your baby's tummy or thighs, or if the nappy feels a little too snug, it might be time to move up a size. If you're getting blowouts or persistent leaks, that can be another sign that it's time to move up.

Sometimes the problem can be that the nappy is too big. If there are gaps around the legs and tummy, or the nappy is sitting too high at the front or back, you may need to try a smaller size.

We make it easy for you to try different sizes with our eco nappy sample packs. You can try a couple of nappies to check the fit before you commit to buying a full pack or carton.

Ready to buy Bambo Nature nappies? Just click here!

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