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Muumi Eco Nappies Size 2 - Bulk

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Muumi Eco Disposables - Size 2 (3-6kgs) Eco Nappies Bulk Pack

Muumi eco nappies are made in Finland, with the best and purest raw ingredients, and to the highest eco standard in the world, the Nordic Swan Eco Label. The outer packaging is biodegradable, too. 

Muumi eco nappies are skin friendly, and comfortable for your baby to wear:

  • Super soft against your baby’s skin, with an extra softness layer for newborns
  • Super absorbent with a natural fluff cellulose core
  • Optimal dryness and absorbency to keep your baby comfortable
  • Double leak guards around the legs for a great fit with no leaks
  • Wetness indicators on sizes 1, 2 and 3

    Muumi nappies are manufactured in Finland, by a family owned company who have been making nappies for over 35 years. Muumi eco nappies have a much lower eco footprint than standard disposables, guaranteed by the Nordic Swan Eco Label. Unlike many other eco labels, the Nordic Swan Eco Label is concerned with the nappy’s impact over its entire life cycle, not just the disposal. There are many factors that affect the environmental impact of a product. Currently, there isn’t a fully biodegradable disposable nappy available on the market. As a consumer trying to reduce your eco-footprint, it is important to look at the entire lifecycle of the product, rather than a single factor.

    Size: 3 packs of 58 nappies, carton of 174 nappies

    Weight range: 3 to 6kgs

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    Want to try a sample pack of eco disposables before you buy?

    Why We Love it

    Why we love Muumi eco nappies: 

    • No perfumes or lotions
    • No phthalates
    • 100% chlorine free (TCF)
    • BpA free
    • No TBT, PVC, antioxidents or latex
    • Biodegradable packaging made from Mater-Bi™ biofilm
    • Nordic Swan Eco Label
    • FSC Certified
    • Made in Finland
    • Finish Asthma & Allergy certified

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Alana Cromwell
    Good value, absorbent nappy

    These are one of the better eco nappies we have used. The large pack size means we don't run out too quickly. Cute design with pockets on the back (printed on, not actual pockets!) I find they contain a lot of liquid and even poo-splosions without leaking, however I find I need to change once overnight as has leaked over 8 hours or so, but this is common for eco disposables and cloth nappies.

    Mara R.
    Great product!

    I’ve tried quite a few of the natural/biodegradable nappies and these were my favourite!

    Mumin nappies

    Loved them, they are soft & not massive on my DD like other brands.
    Like that the weight range is smaller, so will fit better.

    Love them... Just wish they were a little cheaper

    The nappies are easy to use and I've never had any leaks. Bubs stays dry, even overnight.

    excellent eco nappy

    These nappies work really well- as good as Huggies without the environmental downfalls. They do take a little getting use to because like all Eco nappies, they're wider in between the legs than standard nappies, but well worth getting use to knowing your environmental impact is a lot less. ( took about 2-3days to get use to). Absolutely love them- my daughter is only sleeping a max of 6 hours but so far nappies have been fine. Have handled no. 3's well.

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