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We Might Be Tiny

Australian designer Eleanor Cullen dreamed of children’s products that matched adult’s aesthetics, products that you didn’t have to hide away when adults come over to play. We Might Be Tiny is full of kids dinnerware products that are simple, beautiful and insanely cute!

The whole We Might Be Tiny feeding range is made from non toxic, BPA free, food grade silicone in gorgeous designs that look great and are practical, too. We just love the bear snackies and bunny snackies. And how can you go past the practical and gorgeous silicone placemats - do you choose bear placie or bunny placie? Too hard to choose! The grip cups are great for toddlers who are learning to drink from an open cup, as they're easy to hold on to and don't tip over easily.

And the best thing about this kids dinnerware range is that it's just so practical - dump it into the dishwasher and it's all clean.

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