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Hevea is a Danish company making products from 100% pure natural rubber, so they’re completely plastic free. They’re all tested to be free from nitrosamine, so they’re non toxic and safe for baby. And natural rubber is biodegradable, as well as being a sustainable and renewable resource. You don’t get much more eco friendly than that! Even the packaging is sustainable, with FSC certified paper and biodegradable clear windows.

Hevea is famous for their natural rubber soothers – their first and most popular product. These natural rubber dummies are ergonomically designed in a butterfly shape, to leave space for baby’s nose and chin. By creating a pacifier with holes, there's more airflow and baby is less likely to get a dribble rash.

The rubber dummies are made all in one piece, so they're easy to clean and much more hygienic. With no gaps, there's nowhere for bacteria to hide.

In orthodontic, symmetrical and cherry shaped teats, there’s a Hevea pacifier to suit every baby.

What's the difference between the Hevea dummy teat shapes?

Cherry teat dummies are the classic round shape that’s found on the Hevea glass bottles. If your baby is bottle fed, this might be the ideal shape.

The orthodontic dummy is designed to prevent teeth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life. Orthodontic pacifiers have flattened bottoms and rounded tops to reduce pressure on gums and developing teeth. You might also see these referred to as an anatomical pacifier.

The symmetrical dummy teat is the smallest size teat, and is designed to be naturally shaped like a breast. It’s perfect for breastfed babies, and can also work if your baby finds other sized teats too big.

Other popular Hevea products

We also love the natural rubber teethers, to soothe sore gums. And for baby bath time, there’s natural rubber ducks and bath toys; a natural rubber bath mat so you won’t slip; and a lovely baby ball for baby play time.

Hello Charlie is an official supplier, and we ship the Hevea dummy Australia wide.

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