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The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Easter Celebration: Eco Friendly Fun for Everyone

The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Easter Celebration: Eco Friendly Fun for Everyone

Easter is a holiday widely celebrated worldwide. It is a time for joy, renewal, delicious food, and of course, chocolate bunnies! However, amidst the excitement of family gatherings and yummy treats, it is easy to overlook the environmental impact of our Easter celebrations.

In 2023, Australians splurged a staggering $8.1 billion during Easter week. The majority of this spending went towards food, including Easter eggs. This consumption surge can significantly impact the environment, from the resources used to produce all those goodies to the packaging that often ends up in landfills. But it doesn't have to be this way! 

This year, why not hop into a sustainable Easter celebration in Australia? With a few simple swaps, you can still enjoy all the fun while being kind to the planet. 

Alternatives to Plastic Easter Eggs

When it comes to Easter eggs, it's essential to make environmentally conscious choices to reduce our ecological footprint while still satisfying our sweet tooth. One way to do this is to opt for chocolate Easter eggs made from sustainably sourced cocoa beans. This way, we can ensure that our indulgence doesn't contribute to deforestation or exploitation in cocoa producing regions. 

It's best to look for organic and fair trade certified chocolate eggs, such as those offered by reputable brands like Aldi's Dairy Fine, Choceur, Moser Roth, or Chocolatier Australia. These brands prioritise ethical sourcing and support sustainable farming practices. 

In addition to considering the source of the chocolate, we should also pay attention to packaging. To help minimise waste and reduce our environmental impact, we should choose brands that use minimal or recyclable packaging.

A Sustainable Easter Egg Hunt

Creating DIY Easter eggs using eco friendly materials like recycled paper or natural dyes is a fun and creative way to enjoy Easter egg hunts. While decorating your eggs, it's best to use natural food colouring instead of artificial dyes to minimise the use of chemical pollutants. We recommend avoiding decorating traditional eggs (chicken eggs), as they can spoil quickly and could get thrown away.

After the celebrations, it's important to reuse or repurpose egg packaging for crafts or storage and ensure proper material recycling. By making these thoughtful choices, we can have a guilt free Easter, knowing that our festivities are gentle on the planet.

Green Easter Tips: Craft and Connect with Nature's Bounty

Are you looking for a way to celebrate Easter while being mindful of the environment? Say goodbye to plastic decorations that often end up in landfills and embrace eco friendly Easter decorations! 

Hello Charlie has a delightful selection of craft supplies, like Bio Dough Natural Play Dough, which can be transformed into an adorable Easter bunny - a beloved Easter icon. If you want to add sparkle to your Easter eggs or decorations, choose an eco friendly glitter like No Nasties Kids Biodegradable Glitter, which you can mix with play dough.

Stroll in nature with your handy Easter basket and gather colourful leaves, twigs, and dried flowers. Use these Easter flowers to create a stunning tablescape that reflects the season's beauty. You can also hang nature inspired mobiles from pinecones and twine, create wooden and wicker baskets, or weave a springtime garland using fragrant herbs and blossoms. These lovely ideas will help you reduce waste and create a unique and personal touch to your Easter decor.

Gift with a Conscience: Sustainable Easter Gifts for Little Ones

Skip the plastic toys that break easily and clutter your home. Opt for eco friendly Easter gifts that nourish the soul and the planet. Hello Charlie's curated collection of sustainable toys offers endless possibilities for fostering creativity and connection with nature. Wooden building blockspuzzles made from recycled materials, and organic cotton stuffed animals are fun for little ones and kind to the environment.

For the bookworms in your life, consider gifting beautifully illustrated children's books about the wonders of nature or the importance of sustainability. These gifts entertain and plant the seeds of environmental awareness in young minds.

A Feast for the Senses (and the Planet!): Plant-Based Delights

Easter Sunday brunch is a highlight of the festivities, and it can be a delicious and sustainable experience. Embrace plant based alternatives to create a vibrant and flavourful meal. Whip up a chickpea frittata packed with protein and veggies or a vegetable quiche bursting with springtime flavours. And don't forget the sweet treats! Bake a delicious vegan carrot cake or muffins using organic ingredients for a guilt free indulgence.

You can also add hot cross buns to the mix for a classic Easter favourite using one of the best plant based Easter recipes from Live Love Nourish. Their plant based hot cross buns are free from nuts and refined sugar.

Easter Celebrated in the Great Outdoors

Take your sustainable Easter celebration to the next level by heading outdoors! Head to Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster and enjoy the serene escape. Pack a picnic basket with delicious plant-based treats and head to the expansive picnic areas. Stroll along the walking trails or let the kids loose at one of the three playgrounds. Gather around the BBQ facilities for a delightful outdoor feast. Ruffey Lake Park is the perfect place for outdoor Easter activities that are both sustainable and enjoyable.

Small Changes, Big Impact: Easy Swaps for a Sustainable Celebration

Going green for your Easter traditions doesn't require a complete overhaul. Here are some other simple swaps that can make a big difference:

Ditch the Plastic

Consider reusable baskets made from recycled paper or fabric for a more sustainable approach. These eco friendly options can be decorated year after year, adding a personal touch and reducing waste.

Do you have cute buckets from a favourite beach trip or bike baskets gathering dust? Repurpose them for some Easter fun! Think outside the box and reuse items like kids' buckets, such as the Bigjigs Adventure Silicone Bucket, which can serve as charming and functional Easter baskets.

For a touch of rustic charm, consider a wicker basket. Even an unused bike basket like the Kinderfeets Basket can be a stylish and sustainable choice.

Natural Dyes

Are you looking for a natural way to colour your Easter eggs? Skip the harsh chemicals and use natural ingredients like beetroot, turmeric, spinach, and blueberries. These ingredients can help you create a vibrant Easter egg palette without the toxic nasties. Additionally, for an extra pop of colour, you can explore non toxic art paints like those from Hello Charlie.

Wrap it Up Right

Skip the wasteful wrapping paper and embrace reusable fabric cloths or recycled paper for your Easter gifts. Not only is it eco friendly, but it also adds a touch of elegance and can be reused yearly.

Biodegradable or Reusable Picnicware

Pack a sustainable Easter basket for a planet friendly picnic! Skip single use disposables and choose reusable dinnerware made from biodegradable materials like bamboo or other plant based options. Hello Charlie has a range of eco friendly options, from utensils and dinnerware to reusable water bottles and food storage containers, making your Easter feast as environmentally friendly as it is delicious.

If you're hosting an Easter party, sending digital invitations instead of paper ones is a great way to save resources. You can also replace traditional party favours with sustainable ones, such as potted herbs, flower seeds, or homemade treats, in reusable containers. Additionally, donating to a local environmental organisation is a thoughtful way to help the planet and make your party more eco friendly.

Celebrating Easter With The Planet In Mind

By making these small changes and incorporating sustainable practices, you can celebrate Easter in a way that's kind to the planet and creates lasting memories for you and your loved ones. So hop to it, and have a wonderfully sustainable and environmentally friendly Easter filled with joy, connection, and delicious plant based treats!

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