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Declutter Your Home: How to Display Children's Artwork

Do you have one or several little Picassos at home? Then you probably know the feeling of being inundated with lots and lots of masterpieces, especially once they have started day care or preschool. Of course, it is wonderful to have creative children and we struggle to throw out even the smallest scribble from our offspring. But what do we actually do with all these pieces of art? Unfortunately, more often than not, they land on a pile never to be looked at again. Let’s celebrate their creativity and see how we can display and enjoy these masterpieces more. No need to transform your home into one big gallery or use paintings as wallpaper… Here are some simple ways to display children's artwork that won’t cost the earth.

Create Display Zones for Children's Artwork

First of all, decide where you would like to display artwork in your home. Maybe choose one area for work that you can hang on the wall, and another area for those awesome 3D creations.

Displaying Flat Artwork

Flat artwork is a lot easier to display than 3D work. Framing is only one way. There are many other options that are just as easy to implement.


Any kind of boards can be used to display children's artwork. The most common are probably simple cork or magnetic boards. Pegboards are another option or you could even use a nice clipboard. 

Corkboard Display for Children's Artwork
Corkboard Art Display by Simply Organized


Use floating shelves for a kid’s art display area. It will make it very easy to rearrange, exchange, and rotate artwork. This works well in combination with frames. 

Playroom Art Gallery Wall to Display Children's Artwork

Playroom Art Gallery Wall by Centsational Girl

Pegs or Art Cable Systems

You could use wooden pegs glued to a piece of trim or go for a more contemporary option with a simple curtain hanging wire. In any case, it is an easy way to hang flat artwork without a major investment and it takes a matter of seconds to change the display. 

Display Children's Artwork on an Artwork Cable System
Butterfly Children's Artwork Cable from Pottery Barn Kids 

Get creative with hangers!

How easy is that?! You can even personalise the hangers, but of course that’s not a must.

Display Children's Artwork Hangers

Honest Blog: How to Display Children's Artwork


Framing is probably the most obvious way to display artwork or photos. We just love one special frame that was made especially for children’s artwork: the Li’l DaVinci art cabinet! It's not just a frame but also a storage unit at the same time. It comes in different sizes and colours and stores up to 50 paintings or drawings – how cool is that! The best feature: you don’t have to take the frame off the wall to add a new masterpiece; it opens from the front. See in this video how easy it is (no affiliation).

Da Vinci Children's Artwork Display Frames
Da Vinci Children's Artwork Display Frames - Frames 2 U

Displaying 3D Artwork 

3D artwork is often big and bulky. Think about how you would display a sculpture or any other 3D work of art. Pretty much any clear surface is an option. However, the dining table is probably not a good idea. Rather try a shelf, a sideboard, a mantelpiece, or on top of a piano as shown in this example. 

Declutter Your Home: How to Display Children's 3D Artwork
Display 3D Artwork by Frills Fluffs & Trucks

Hopefully, these ideas inspire you to get creative and to enjoy your child’s artwork more. Stay put for our next post in which we will share how to declutter, digitise, store, and back up your children’s artwork.

About our Guest Writer:

Chantal Imbach is a professional home and photo organiser and owner of Simply In Order in Eltham, Victoria. To her, being organised doesn’t mean living in a display home but living a simpler life. As a mum of two boys, she knows how challenging this can be. She has recently started to specialise in helping clients to look after their photo collections. Her passion is to help save these collections and stories so that they can be passed on to future generations in a meaningful way. Find more of Chantal's articles here.

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