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Weleda Natural Body Oils

Weleda Natural Body Oils

Beautiful, Natural Body Oils from Weleda 

Weleda has been making natural body oils since 1926, when they released their Arnica Body Oil. 

Since then, the range has grown to eight, from specialist oils like arnica to beauty oils like wild rose and lavender oils. 

Weleda only uses pure natural oils, as these are better absorbed and metabolised by the skin than synthetic oils. Plant oils are similar to the skin's natural lipids, and support skin metabolism and help the body build it's own protective layer to lock in moisture. 

Mineral oils, on the other hand, stay on the surface of the skin, but they don't add any extra benefits. 

Weleda uses plant oils that are easily absorbed into your skin, and they're non comedogenic, so they won't block your pores. Each body oil has different properties. They're all chosen so that the different properties of the oils match the different needs of individual skin at different times and ages of life. 

All the scents are made purely from natural essential oils. They’re all designed to work harmoniously with the different plant oils chosen in each blend. 

The range comes in 85% recycled dark glass bottles, with a pump top to prevent spills and oxidisation. 

Weleda's Specialist Body Oils

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

The Stretch Mark Massage Oil is perfect to help prevent and fade stretch marks from pregnancy, growth spurts or weight loss. It uses sweet almond and jojoba oils, as well as wheatgerm oil and arnica flower to help improve skin tone and elasticity, with a subtle rose and neroli scent. 

Arnica Massage Oil

Birch Cellulite Oil

Weleda Beauty Body Oils

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Oil

Wild Rose Pampering Body Oil

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil

Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Oil

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Find the whole range right here

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