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What is PlanToys PlanWood?

What is PlanToys PlanWood?

You may know that the multi-award winning toy brand PlanToys uses rubberwood from rubber trees that are no longer producing latex. But did you know that PlanToys has another eco friendly material for toys, called PlanWood?

What is PlanWood?

PlanWood is made from 99% surplus rubberwood saw dust – the 2 tonnes of saw dust that accumulates from PlanToys’ daily toy production – along with organic pigments for colour and less than 1% of formaldehyde-free E-zero glue, and it isn’t treated with any other heavy chemicals.

Planwood PlanToys

How is PlanWood made?

The mixture is put into high-pressure moulders and submitted to a couple of tonnes of pressure – the end result is a high density fibre known as PlanWood. The high pressure process means that very little glue, as you read above, is needed to bind the sawdust together, and it doesn’t need to be treated with any heavy chemicals.

The moulding process means that PlanWood can be easily moulded into a huge range of shapes that isn’t possible with solid rubberwood.

Because the organic colour pigments are added during the composite process, the finished product is more eco-friendly than products that are hand-painted after being processed. There’s an added bonus that PlanWood products will not chip or peel because the colour is literally part of the materials, making them durable and washable even in the dishwasher.

Is PlanWood eco friendly?

PlanWood uses a waste by product (sawdust) of wood that is already a by product of another industry (the rubber industry). Add the fact that the colours are organic, and that PlanWood doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates, bisphenol A, soft vinyl PVC, formaldehyde, lead or flame retardants, and I think you’ll agree that all toys should be made of PlanWood!

PlanWood is used in a large range of PlanToys, and you're sure to find something that your child will love. 

Our best sellers in this range are the lovely Rainbow Alligator pull along toy; the Plan Toys wooden xylophone; and the tactile Plan Toys Baby Car

Image credit: Plan Toys

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