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Subo the food bottle

Subo Food Bottle: Reusable, Non Squeezable, No Mess!

Little people can make big messes when it comes to dinnertime. And if you’re trying to feed a baby or toddler while you’re running around after other children, well, good luck with that!

But now, a new Australian innovation can help you deal with it. The Subo Food Bottle is a reusable baby feeder that’s the perfect replacement for wasteful food pouches, and the best part is: no mess

Like many cool baby gadgets, Subo the Food Bottle was created by Melbourne parents, Glen and Julie-Anne. They were looking for an easy way to feed their little ones on the go, without all the waste and the mess.

So let’s have a look at it in a little more detail.

What is Subo the Food Bottle?

The Food Bottle is just that – a bottle that you can use for food instead of liquids.

A reusable feeding bottle is perfect for little ones learning to eat independently. When you've got a Subo, age is no problem! Babies as young as 6 months can easily sip the food from the soft silicone spout. Parents can see through the window on the side how much has been eaten.

It's like a squeeze bottle for baby food, but babies don't actually need to squeeze - they can just sip. 

Unlike reusable baby food pouches, kids can’t squeeze the food out of the bottle and get it everywhere. Sorry, kids! But it sure makes cleanup easier for parents.

You’ll save money because you don’t need to buy expensive baby food pouches. And you know exactly what’s going in to your toddler’s tummy. Subo bottles work perfectly with smoothies, yoghurt, homemade purees and mashed foods.

How to use the Subo Food Bottle

What’s so cool about the Subo Food Bottle?

It's the easiest food bottle for babies that we've come across. Here's why:

  • Perfect for purees, yoghurts, smoothies and mashed foods (all the stuff you’d find in squeezy pouches at the supermarket)
  • Non-squeezable so there’s less mess
  • Reusable, so it’s a great alternative to single-use packages
  • Completely BPA free and phthalate free
  • Viewing window allows parents and children to see how much food is left inside
  • Convenient way to carry food from home to be consumed later
  • Great for a quick snack or meal on the go, no need to clean up afterwards
  • Lab tested and has passed AS2070 & EN 14350 standards

All Subo products are fully Australian made and Australian owned.

How to Use a Subo Bottle

It’s simple to use. Just fill the Subo baby bottle to the top with pureed or mashed food. If it doesn’t reach the top, unscrew the base and push the platform up. Put on the top and spout and it’s ready to go!

Subo bottle review - what are people saying? 

Some of the reviews we've had for the Subo baby food bottle on Hello Charlie:

"My baby loves to feed himself from pouches. We have used reusable pouches before and I found them difficult to clean and my baby would love to watch all the food ooze out as he squeezed! This bottle saves all the food from being squeezed out! Saving me from cleaning everything and saving the food from being wasted!"

"This is a genius product, so easy to whip up a smoothie for my toddler & for him to have on the go."

"Why didn't I buy it sooner?! My 14 month old absolutely loves yoghurt in this product. It paid itself off after a few weeks."

If you're keen to get your hands a Subo reusable squeeze bottle, they come in several cool colours. Hello Charlie is one of the official Subo bottle stockists, and you can grab them right here.

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