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Squeakie 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser Now at Hello Charlie

Hello Squeakie! 100% natural hand sanitiser

Squeakie 100% Natural Hand Sanitiser Now at Hello Charlie

Squeakie is now at Hello Charlie! Squeakie is Australia’s only 100% natural hand sanitiser that complies with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) hand sanitiser guidelines. That’s pretty awesome because that means with Squeakie you get the best of both worlds - the best possible protection against germs (fast acting Squeakie kills 99.99% of germs with no risk of bacterial resistance), all natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals and all whilst giving your hands some serious love.

Squeakie is the alternative to standard alcohol hand sanitisers that are full of petroleum and synthetically derived nasty chemicals that are unpleasant to use and make hands dry. Squeakie is also the alternative to natural and alcohol free hand sanitisers that leave a residue on your skin for hours after you apply it. Any alcohol free or natural hand sanitiser that provides protection for 2 hours for example, leaves a film on your skin that studies show can cause bacterial resistance.

Squeakie is all about kindness. Squeakie is kind to you, kind to others and kind to the planet. Zero nasty chemicals, 10% of profits go to causes that need a helping hand and all our business decisions are based on the best possible option for the environment. As we say at Squeakie, the world is in your hands!

Check out Squeakie natural hand sanitiser at Hello Charlie. With thanks to Kirsten Scholes Williams, founder and director of Squeakie, for writing this guest post for Hello Charlie

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