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Facepainting Inspiration with No Nasties Natural Facepaints

no-nasties-makeup-facepainting-inspirationHalloween is coming up, and my youngest is already hassling me about costumes and facepaint ideas! Now, I'm good at a lot of things, but facepainting is definitely not one of them. So inspiration (and good instructions!) are required. The lovely people at No Nasties natural play makeup and facepaints have come up with a few great ideas. Bonus - they're easy, too! All of these faces only require two or three colours. The best part about No Nasties facepaints is that the colours wash off really easily. They'll come off with a facewasher and water. Or you can put a few drops of oil onto a cotton pad and gently wipe off. Coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil are all good choices. no-nasties-natural-play-makeup-roaring-tiger Inspiration from the No Nasties team - a roaring tiger! You'll need three colours for this one: orange (or yellow), white and black. no-nasties-natural-play-makeup-mime-artist Another simple, but very effective, idea from No Nasties. A mime artist. You'll need three colours: white for the base, black and red. Personally, I'm loving this one. Mime artist = no speaking. You could get at least an hour of quiet out of this! no-nasties-play-makeup-pretty-skeleton How gorgeous is this? A pretty skeleton could be just the thing for Halloween! And you only need two colours, black and white, which makes it even more simple. no-nasties-natural-play-makeup-animal-superhero Is it the Hulk? A Hulking Tiger? A superhero animal? Who knows? And I have no doubt that your little ones won't care - it looks great! You'll need three colours for this one, too: green (or perhaps orange), yellow and black. no-nasties-natural-facepaint-pocahontas You can be a pretty little Pocahontas in no time with a few feathers in your hair, a pretty white dress and a couple of natural facepaint colours. Simple, and very sweet. It looks good with three colours: green, yellow and orange. no-nasties-natural-facepaint-witch Watch out, there's a witch about! A witchy face is always a favourite, and you'll only need three colours: white, black and one more. Purple looks good, and so would green. no-nasties-natural-facepaint-smashed-pumpkin And here's one last idea, a very Halloween facepainting idea - the smashed pumpkin. Again, you just need three colours: orange, black and white for highlights. And although this one goes close to the eye, No Nasties comes off so easily, it won't be a hassle. No Nasties Makeup is a range of all natural facepaints, play makeup and hair colours. They're hand made in small batches, right here in Australia. There's nothing toxic, no nasties and they all wash off with water. They're perfect for the creative child! Shop the range here at Hello Charlie.
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