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everything you need to pack in your nappy bag

Everything You Need to Pack in Your Nappy Bag

Christine here at Hello Charlie has just had her third baby. And yes, he's gorgeous and squeezable and we all just want to kiss his little fat, dimply elbows. But, says Christine, she'd forgotten just how much stuff you need in your nappy bag! And even though this is her third baby, she said she really needed a checklist to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. So we've obliged! Christine and I have put our heads together and come up with a nappy bag checklist. And because we're Hello Charlie, it's an eco checklist to boot!

Everything You Need to Pack in Your Nappy Bag


You'll need nappies. Take 6. Even if you think you're only going to need two nappy changes while you're out, trust us. Take 6 nappies. And make them eco nappies, so that you're not having to deal with nappy rash issues as well!

Baby Wipes

You're going to need baby wipes to go along with those nappies. Transfer enough for the day into a smaller travel case so that you don't have to carry around a huge pack of wipes. Use safe baby wipes like the ones we recommend on our Safer Baby Wipes Cheat Sheet. Because when you're using safe baby wipes, you can happily use them to wipe down mucky faces and hands, too. And as a handy 'been there, done that' tip, throw in a tube of After Touch instant wipes for when you inevitably run out of regular wipes.

Change Mat

Take a change mat. Yes, there's usually something on the change table provided at the cafe, but you will not want to use that! Plus it will be cold on your precious babe. A lightweight change mat is a must.


Speaking of change tables in public places, you're going to want a hand sanitiser that doubles as a surface sanitiser. A multipurpose spray one like Dr Bronner's is great. You'll want the surface sanitiser both for baby change tables, and also for spraying down highchairs when you're out and about.

Baby Balm

Take an all purpose balm. Then you can use it as a nappy balm while you're on the go. And you can also use it as a boo boo balm on any older kids. If you're pushed, you can use it as a lip balm (although make sure you've always got clean hands when you're dipping into the tin!). We love the Badger Baby Balm, because the size is so handy. But I carried around Nature's Child Wonder Balm in my nappy bag for years, too.

Baby Food or Formula

If your baby is being breastfed, you've got it easy. Just whip out a boob and away you go. If your baby is being bottle fed, make sure you've got all the bottle feeding paraphernalia - bottles, formula measured out, etc. Our ever practical Christine says that she warms the water for the bottle before she leaves home. She pops it in a thermos to keep warm, and then you don't have to use public facilities or wait for someone at a restaurant to do it. If your baby is on solids, you'll need bib, spoon and food with you. Plus snacks. And if you've got older children with you, you'll want snacks for them, too. If your baby is at sippy cup stage, you'll need to pack that one in, instead.

Change of Clothes

The next thing on our nappy bag checklist is a change of clothes. You'll need them for the inevitable blowout (which usually happens when you have forgotten the extra clothes!) or lunchtime spill. Take a spare dribble bib, too. You'll need a jacket or beanie if it's cold, and a hat if it's going to be hot. We did say that babies need a lot of stuff!


Pop in a blanket for naps on the go or in case the temperature suddenly drops. If you're breastfeeding, it works as a cover, too. And a blanket will do double duty as a change mat if you've forgotten yours, or as a sunshade in case the sun gets hot.


If your baby takes a dummy, you'll  need to take one (and possibly a spare) out with you. It certainly helps for tired babies who want to snooze while you're out and about, but can't do it without the dummy.


Add a couple of toys to keep baby amused while you're trying to talk to a friend and have coffee. Or just to keep baby entertained while you're waiting in line. You can attach a pacifier holder to a small toy and stop baby throwing the toys out of the pram onto the floor.

Drink bottle

Mum will need water, especially if she's breastfeeding. Also, when you've got a water bottle, you can hose down giant messes. Even now, I'm known to wet a tissue and clean up the ice cream faces. But that's only because I've been banned from spitting on the tissue. Kidding! Much more hygenic to use the water bottle.


And the final items on our nappy bag checklist! Have a few bandaids stashed away for older kids. Get in the habit of carrying sunscreen for hot days. Have a spare front door key so that you don't lock yourself out with a screaming baby (yep, learned that one the hard way!). Oh, and don't forget the wallet, phone and keys. Got all that packed? Then you're ready to go out with your baby. Have fun! 

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