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Natural Baby Haircare Essentials

Natural Baby Hair Care Essentials

Babies can be born with full head of hair, or none at all. Whatever kind of hair your baby has, it will probably change. Often, babies with lots of hair will lose it within the first six months, only to grow completely different hair by the time they're 1 or 2 years old. So, whether you've got a baby with flowing locks, or a baldy baby, what are the essentials that you need for baby and toddler hair care?

Baby Hair Brush

When you're looking for a hair brush for your baby, you really need soft bristles. Baby hair is very fine, and you want a gentle brush for their soft little heads. You can choose synthetic or natural bristles, like the ones in the Shellamy Baby and Haakaa hairbrushes. If you're concerned about damaging baby's fontanelle with brushing, you needn't be. The skin over the fontanelle is strong, and you won't hurt your baby by gently brushing over it. Babies born with hair often lose this hair, and start regrowing it again within the first six months. This is completely normal, and doesn't have anything to do with the way you're brushing their hair or the kind of shampoo you're using.

Baby Shampoo

For very young babies, tip them back in the bath and pour warm water over their hair so that you don't get shampoo in their eyes. As they get older, teach them to close their eyes while you shampoo their hair and rinse it off. If you're having bath time dramas, you could always think about getting a bath visor to help stop shampoo getting into your toddler's eyes. Avoid 'no more tears' type shampoo. While the debate continues on whether tear free shampoos contain numbing agents, you're better off to choose a natural shampoo or castile soap. They'll have less harmful ingredients. Have a look at our Cheat Sheet on Safer Baby Shampoos if you're not sure which one to choose.

baby hair shampoo

Baby Conditioners

If your baby has lots of hair, especially curly hair, you may find that you need a conditioner to help get the tangles out. It's tricky to find conditioner designed for babies and toddlers, so I'd recommend using a small amount of a gentle, natural conditioner like the Biologika Organics coconut one.

Baby & Toddler Detanglers

Super curly hair can be the source of many arguments with toddlers. You can't get a brush through their hair, so what do you do? Try a detangler, like the one from Jack and Jill Kids. Alternatively, you can rub a little conditioner through your hands and apply to the ends of wet hair, then use a wide toothed comb to brush through. For super curly hair, use a spray bottle to spritz hair with water first, then detangler. This will help to tame the frizz and get the knots out more easily.

Cradle cap

While you can buy lotions specifically aimed at removing cradle cap, it's really not necessary. You can gently loosen the scales by usings a small amount of oil into baby's scalp. Use sweet almond oil, olive oil or even coconut oil, and massage baby's scalp with your fingers or a soft baby hair brush.

Styling Gels & Fudges

I know that this isn't an essential part of baby hair care, but for a special occasion, there's nothing cuter than a little styling gel or fudge to give your toddler's hair some cool spikes. Choose a safe styling cream like the Little Innoscents Hair Fudge.

So there you have it - our list of natural baby hair care essentials. Check out our full baby hair care range at Hello Charlie.

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