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Pineapple Heads: The Natural Answer to Haircare for Kids

pineapple heads natural haircare for kidsAside from a cute name, there are plenty of reasons we love Pineapple Heads. Hailing from New Zealand, this is one all natural hair and bodycare range you can trust that is not only safe for you, but for your kids too. After realising that there were no haircare products out there that satisfied the needs of her son Jimmy’s unruly hair, founder Megan Sanders knew that something had to be done. Boasting a background in advertising, Megan was passionate about the fact that the range had to appeal to kids just as much as it did to parents, so worked alongside an organic brand developer and perfumier to get every detail perfected. With a healthy entrepreneurial spirit and a little help from family and friends willing to be her product testers, Pineapple Heads was born! Designed to cater for children all the way from babies to tweens, the first thing you notice about Pineapple Heads is their simple but playful packaging. For some, washing the little ones can be a challenge, but the characters on the Pineapple Heads bottles (our personal favourite is Jimmy) can make the experience a whole lot more fun, transforming bathtime into playtime. Don’t think this will put off older kids though, as the minimalist aspect means they seamlessly blend into anyone’s bathroom. While this may be a small element, it’s this attention to detail that really shines throughout Megan’s creations.

Natural & Organic Formulations

Within these humble but oh-so-cute bottles you’ll find natural and organic formulations which stand up to any purists’ standards. Not only are they cruelty-free, but every bit of Pineapple Heads goodness is made without silicones, PEGS, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants or synthetic fragrance. Only the best for kids! In their place you will find natural ingredients like conditioning jojoba and argan oils alongside extracts of mango, lotus flower and hibiscus which is where they get their deliciously tropical scents. In fact, many of these powerful plants do more than just smell good, as hibiscus paste is used as an ayurvedic treatment for ultra shiny hair. All of these exotic botanicals are then crafted together in New Zealand itself to make the final products. pineapple heads natural kids haircare Aside from the Shampoo and Conditioner which are great natural haircare solutions for all kids, these are the essential products we recommend you start with. Best for babies: With extracts of chamomile, Pineapple Heads Sleepy Head ( makes for a soothing and relaxing bath - ideal before you settle baby down for the night. Best for young kids: Many of us will have memories from our childhood of our mums and dads desperately brushing out knots...ouch! But then we didn’t have the Pineapple Heads Kids Detangler ( to hand, did we? A little spritz of this and the brush simply glides through minus the snags. Best for tweens: Going into your teens is when you first start experimenting, and we know one of our favourite ways to do that was with our hair! The Pineapple Heads Hair Wax ( is great for styling hair - especially short - into all kinds of styles without any drastic changes. With natural hair and bodycare as good as this, we won’t blame you for wanting to share with the kids! Shop the Pineapple Heads kids range on Hello Charlie now. Get the latest posts straight to your inbox every week!
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