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The Hello Cup Menstrual Cup Small/Medium - Blue

The Hello Cup

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Hello Cup Menstrual Cup Small/Medium - Blue

  • For a waste free, hassle free period
  • Made from soft, medical grade TPE
  • Easy to use leak free protection.

Hello Cup Menstrual Cups will change your cycle with less waste and less hassle! These period cups are super easy to use, all you have to do is fold and insert, similar to how you do a tampon. The small/medium size is recommended for most women under the age of 35 regardless of physical activity and whether or not they’ve had children.

They're made from medical grade thermoplastic elastomer that’s BPA, latex and rubber free and all materials and colours used are FDA approved. Hello Cup menstrual cups are safe, and non toxic with none of the toxic chemicals found in tampons.

You can wear one for up to 12 hours and they hold up to 3 times more than tampons, making them perfect for overnight. Menstrual cups catch rather than absorb, so they don't dry out your mucus membranes like tampons can and are usually more comfortable.

Hello Cups will last for years, making them eco friendly and more cost effective than many other menstrual products.

To clean, simply rinse in cold water between uses or wipe out with loo roll if you don’t have access to a sink. At the end of your cycle, sterilise the cup by boiling for 3 minutes or using the Hello Go Spray.

If you're not sure which size to choose, check out the video. 

Why we love Hello Cup Menstrual Cup Small/Medium - Blue:

  • Holds up to 3 times more than tampons
  • Designed to be the most comfortable period cup ever
  • Reliable - no leaks
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from BPA, phthalates, latex and rubber
  • Zero waste
  • FDA approved colours/dyes
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging

Made in New Zealand

Size: 4.5 x 6 cm, holds 21mls

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