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Ecostore Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover


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Ecostore Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover

  • Powerful formula, ideal for removing tough stains
  • Fragrance free, perfect for delicate skin
  • Economical – 25 washes in 1kg bottle

Ecostore’s Natural Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover is a fragrance free natural laundry soaker and stain remover. This powerful formulation is highly recommended for removing stain especially from heavily soiled clothes. It also works well in brightening colours and whites. Use this natural cleaning laundry soaker to pre-soak your laundry before machine washing then. You can also add this soaker to your wash cycle to enhance the strength of your cleaning formula. This natural laundry soaker and stain remover has been independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent performance. It’s your guarantee that those dirty clothes will be clean, fresh and stain free!

It’s approved by Environmental Choice NZ, Enviromark Diamond and is made in a CarbonZero certified factory. Ecostore even uses renewable sugarcane plastic for their bottles. It’s 100% recyclable, and guarantees a lower carbon footprint.

Why we love Ecostore Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover:

  • Made from plant and mineral based sustainable ingredients
  • Suitable for septic tanks and greywater
  • Fragrance free
  • Vegan, contains nuts and seed
  • GreenPalm and Enviromark Certified
  • Canstar Blue award winner
  • Cruelty free, gluten free, GE free and soap free
  • Free from synthetic perfumes, optical brighteners, enzymes and phosphates

Tip: Ensure powder is completely dissolved in warm water before adding your garments in. Please avoid applying soaker directly to garments. For wool, merino or delicate items we recommend using Ecostore's Wool and Delicates. To safely re-use the wash water (grey water) dilute 1 part wash-water to 3 parts water. Additionally, please do not re-use wash-water used for soaking soiled nappies. This may cause potential contamination.

Made in New Zealand.

Ingredients:Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Sulphate, Tetraacetyl Ethalinediamine, Sodium Coco Sulphate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil.

Size: 1kg

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