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Ergopouch is an award winning Australian brand making a range of beautiful products including baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleeping sacks. They're thoughtfully designed to help baby sleep well, which means that parents sleep better, too!

All products are made with natural fibres, like GOTS certified organic cotton, alpaca and bamboo. The natural fibre is breathable, helping you to maintain the right temperature without overheating. Non toxic water based dyes are used, so that everything is gentle on baby's skin. The range is approved by the Eczema Association of Australasia, too.

We love the unisex designs that allow this sleepwear to be handed down and used for many years and multiple kids.

All the sleep suits are hip healthy, and have a TOG rating to make it easy to work out which one is right for the season.

What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for Thermally Overall Grade, and it tells you how good the material is at trapping air. The higher the score, the warmer the material. Ergopouch has a range of TOG rated bags. They're suitable for a range of temperatures and environments, so your child will sleep comfortably no matter the season. When you know how warm or cool your baby should be, it makes dressing for bed simple. Here's a quick guide to what you should look for, depending on the room temperature at night: Summer - Cool Pouch 0.2 & 0.3 TOG = 24 degrees Cº+ Autumn/Spring - Mild Pouch 1.0 TOG = 21 degrees Cº – 24 degrees Cº Winter - Warm Pouch 2.5 TOG = 17 degrees Cº – 23 degrees Cº Winter - Warmest 3.5 TOG = 14 degrees Cº – 21 degrees Cº

Cocoon swaddle bags

Some babies sleep better in baby swaddles. Swaddling restricts the startle reflex, which can wake babies up and disturb both their sleep and their parents sleep. The firmness of the swaddle reminds baby of the womb, and can help baby to self soothe and settle back to sleep more easily.

The ergo cocoon swaddle bag is designed to keep your baby snug and securely swaddled, but without the origami style complicated wrapping! The ergococoon baby swaddle sleeping bag zips up the front, and is both easy to use and difficult to escape from.

Choosing the right TOG rating provides the perfect level of warmth, with no need for blankets in the bassinet or cot. That means safe sleep for baby right from birth.

The natural fabric allows enough stretch and movement for healthy growth. With a hip healthy, bell shaped design at the bottom of the bag, the range is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Across the chest, the fabric is stretchy enough to allow for full chest expansion and easy breathing no matter how warm the swaddle fabric.

And of course, the full length zip allows access for easy nappy changes in the night with minimal for your little one.

Once bub is rolling, switch to arms out sleeping just by opening up the poppers at the arm holes.

Sleeping bags

The Ergopouch jersey sleeping bag has a stretchy, slim fit design that's ideal for the transition phase from swaddles to sleeping bags. It's ideal for babies who are sleeping with their arms out. Stretchy, soft natural fibres of organic cotton and bamboo are gentle on baby's skin, with zip protectors to prevent irritation.

The sheeting sleeping bag is made from organic cotton and has more room to move around in. This is great for babies who are already rolling, and toddlers who are sitting up.

As with the cocoon swaddle, each style of sleeping bag has a wide bottom that's approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

All the sleeping bags have the full length zip for easy nappy changes with no need to wake baby.

Bestselling ergoPouch products

With a range of on trend colours and styles, you're sure to find a sleep suit you'll love.

Other popular products are the window blockout blinds that can be cut for a perfect fit and minimal light.

The easy sleep portable bassinet is another favourite, allowing baby to sleep in a familiar environment even when you're on the go.

The Hello Charlie online shop is an official ergopouch stockist, with Australia wide delivery and same day despatch when you order before 10am.


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