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Sealpods reusable coffee pods

Sealpod - The Best Reusable Coffee Pods

Sealpods reusable coffee pods were first launched in 2015 as concerns raised over the environmental impact of disposable Nespresso pods. Inventor and owner Molly Liu wanted to offer reusable and refillable Nespresso pods as a more eco friendly and money saving alternative.

She worked to design three different types of reusable coffee capsules, each for a different type of machine. Every capsule reduces landfill and plastic waste and gives you the freedom to use your favourite coffee with your Nespresso, Kfee or Dolce Gusto machine.

These coffee machine pods have a patented design that Sealpod says will last a lifetime (given proper care and maintenance) and all materials are food grade. Sealpod even use recyclable and reusable packaging to keep their plastic use as low as possible!

Their reusable Nespresso pods are made from stainless steel with a heat resistant silicone ring to give a tight seal when brewing. The espresso sticker lids are made with anodised aluminium and secured to the stainless steel coffee pods with a non toxic glue. The fresh covers are made from 100% silicone and let you safely fill your capsules in advance and keep coffee fresh for those surprise guests.

Using their Nespresso compatible pods couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the capsule, tamp down the coffee, attach the sticker lid and use just like your usual coffee capsules. You’ll get a smooth, golden crema and can enjoy your favourite brew with a clear conscience.

The Dolce Gusto compatible pods are made from stainless steel and silicone and can be used to brew a normal coffee or a stronger espresso, depending on your taste. Just like the Nespresso pods, simply fill the pod with coffee and tamp down. With these pods, there is an internal lid and a final top cover, and every part is easy to clean and reusable.

Sealpod Starter Pack

Sealpod Reusable Coffee Capsule Starter Kit

This handy starter kit has everything you need to begin your eco friendly coffee capsule journey. The kit is compatible with all original Nespresso machines and includes one reusable capsule, one fresh cover, 24 sticker lids and one scoop. Test it out and see how easy it is to save money and the planet at the same time, thanks to this great reusable coffee pod kit.

Sealpod Stickers

Sealpod Aluminium Sticker Lids For Reusable Capsules

These Sealpod lids help you make a quick and easy coffee. They fit securely over the capsule and give a really tight seal while coffee brews so you’ll get a great cup every single time.

You can take a closer look at the Sealpod Nespresso compatible starter kit or sticker lids at Hello Charlie and get everything you need to start reducing your landfill waste today, without compromising on a great cup of coffee.

Images: Sealpod

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