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waste free lunch ideas

Make 2018 Your Year of Waste Free Lunches

waste free lunch ideas Australians throw away 1.9 million tonnes of packaging each year – that's enough to fill the MCG 9 times! And that one year's worth of throwaway packing in landfill creates as much greenhouse gas as 860,000 cars. And if you think that your contribution isn't big enough to make a difference, it only takes 3 pieces of rubbish per day to stack up to a whopping 30kgs of waste per year. That's a lot of rubbish. Yet by making a few simple changes, we can all reduce our impact on the environment. And one of those simple changes is choosing to go 'waste free' for your lunches in 2018.

What's a waste free lunch?

Waste free just means using containers that are reusable, and skipping the single use where ever you can. That means that instead of buying a bottle of water when you're out, take a reusable bottle from home. Or find a tap and fill it up when you're out and about. Take a reusable coffee cup when you go to your local cafe. No more single use paper cups and plastic lids! And as a bonus, many cafes are starting to offer a discount if you bring your own cup. Make your lunch at home, and pop it into a reusable container to take to work or school. You can even extend the waste free lunch concept to buying your lunch. Just take a reusable container, and ask for the takeaway to be put into that instead of a throwaway one!

Why's it so good to waste free?

  • Cheaper - you can buy in bulk and repackage
  • Healthier - you'll eat less processed foods when you cut down on single use packaging
  • Cleaner - less waste means less litter floating around
  • Better for the environment - less waste means less rubbish, which means less landfill

Ideas for waste free lunches

We've got so many great ideas to help you go waste free in 2018. We've got lunchboxes, sandwich wraps, water bottles, coffee cups, snack containers, insulated containers and even stainless steel straws. shop now Jump on the website and have a browse, or take a peek at some of our great products, below!  
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